DIY Wall Decorations

Decorating your rooms is just like customizing your desktop – arranging a unique wallpaper, adding gadgets, deciding which shortcuts, folders and documents to keep in order to have them close and installing a special customization tool that will display your battery status, RAM and CPU usage, RSS feeds and other essential stuff. In short, decorating rooms is trying to make your living space as personal as possible, and it can be fully accomplished only with DIY wall decorations you put your effort and skills into. Here are several ideas that might get you inspired.

Pictures, Photographs, Polaroids
This is probably the easiest, yet most enjoyable solution – putting your photographs on the walls is like displaying your entire life and being able to look back onto your memories on a daily basis. There are numerous ways of arranging them, from framing each one individually to placing several in a bigger frame. Many people also use bulletin boards as well, but if you want to go all the way, you can create a photo wall from a soundboard and just pin photos onto it which is always interesting, especially if they are cut to a Polaroid size.

Board, Wine and Yarn
When speaking of bulletin boards, here is an even better idea: a wine corks-based one ready to be decorated with yarn. Just gather enough corks, cut them in half and glue them onto the board. Let it all try for a day or two and you will get a base for your yarn decorations. Here, you can go in which ever direction you like – creating shapes by cross-stitching yarn, arranging string art portraits, mapping letters and so on. When I made this design on my wall, it took me a while to collect the corks, but I easily got high quality materials from Darn Good Yarn and was more than satisfied with the outcome.

Clip and Hang
Another good base for your wall display are clipboards – you can hang not only photographs, but also all sorts of messages and mementos of past events: concert tickets, postcards, lyrics of your favorite songs, words of your favorite author, bookmarks, etc. Moreover, you can buy big letter prints, attach them onto a clipboard and hang, forming certain words or monograms. Ultimately, you can display your own art on these types of boards.

Wall Art
For big chunks of empty wall, ask a friend who is good at painting to come up with a special art project for you – with some paint, free time and imagination, you can get unique and personalized piece at your home. It will show your love for the art, appreciation for the artist and a sensibility for fine objects that make your rooms much nicer.

Further Inspiration
Among many other ideas for home decorations, some stand out and will surely make your home a cozier place: candle hangers and flower shapes made from toilet paper tubs initially sound too extravagant, but are actually quite