Strong Reasons for Calling a Plumber

Don’t take it for granted that you would not require the services of a professional plumber. At times, even the most skilled home handyman will require calling a plumber, particularly when a plumbing emergency strikes. A qualified and experienced plumber will be able to inspect the problem fittingly, evaluate the damage and find a solution. In this way, the problem will be solved in the best possible way by the professional plumber, which would cost you less money and trouble rather than try to fix it yourself.

Major plumbing problems are mentioned below where it is not advisable to fix the problem yourself.


Tap that is continuously dripping

  • Is dripping tap a concern or not? If it is left unsolved, then, that trivial dripping can result in a plenty of wasted water.
  • Actually, a leak rate of one drip per each second can throw away 13000 litres of water over the period of a year.
  • You can try your hand at repairing it yourself; however, a professional plumber will be able to get to the root of the problem and fix it quickly.

Water Pressure is Low

  • Inadequate or scarce water pressure in your home can be annoying.
  • Numerous factors could be the reason behind it such as corrosion or waste blocking up the water lines, pathetic supply-line design or it can be a low water pressure from the local supply.
  • This problem certainly needs a professional plumber’s inspection so that the plumber can detect and repair the root problem and reinstate normal water pressure.

No Hot Water

  • Who likes to remain without hot water for long; however, unless the hot water tank is really leaking, it may be tough to reach the root problem.
  • In an electrical system, it may be a dented heating part, a blown fuse, a tripped circuit breaker or a faulty thermostat.
  • Thus, you’ll need to call an expert plumber for inspecting the issue. After inspection, the plumber will be able to find the real cause and will inform you if it can be repaired or you need a new system to replace it.

Toilet that overflows

  • A blocked up toilet is untidy, messed up and needs to be solved immediately.
  • It’s time to take the help of a professional plumber if the problem cannot be simply cleared with a plunger.
  • A local plumber can easily find the cause of the problem, assess the damage and clear the blockage.

You drop your precious earring down the sink

  • When you drop your precious earring or another significant item of jewelry into the plug hole and see it slowly disappearing, surely your heart would start sinking at that very moment.
  • Instead of removing the parts of your bathroom or kitchen sink, just call in a professional plumber who will have all the right tools and skills to bring back your precious jewelry piece to you.

Awful Smells

  • Awful smells that come from your plumbing outlets can be horrible and unwanted, and ought to be inspected before they get bad.
  • The most apparent culprit is a blocked drain; however, there can be some other reasons such as water trapped somewhere in the plumbing fittings or damaged pipes etc.
  • Your local plumber will be able to remove all blockages, repair all damages and clear the drains to avert future blockage.

The best thing to do is to keep the contact details of a reliable plumber handy so that you can easily access plumber’s details in case of an emergency.