Top 5 Tips to Keep Your Outdoor Furniture Healthy

You’ve gone through the tough task of finding your perfect wooden outdoor furniture. It’s the right style, has been built from the most high-quality materials and assembled by the best experts in the field. You wouldn’t want to waste all this precious time, effort and investment by not taking care of your beloved garden furniture over the years.

Depending on the type of wood and how it’s treated, the amount of care and attention your outdoor furniture requires will vary. Lower quality woods will need sanding, varnished and sealed every couple of years, whereas finer quality woods such as grade-A teak or mahogany will require much less upkeep as the decades pass. Let’s take a look at our top 5 wooden garden furniture care tips:

#1. Wood Quality – Make or Break

This list starts before you even purchase your outdoor garden furniture. As mentioned earlier, the quality of wood is the biggest factor in determining the lifespan and retention of youth of your garden outdoor furniture. How the wood withstands rot, insect assaults and varying weather conditions all depends on this, so you can’t afford to get it wrong.

Many woods require a great deal of maintenance over the years which can put a downer on your excitement for summer – knowing you’ll have to spend hours rejuvenating your wooden garden furniture. Best to choose a wood which is strong and durable from the outset.

We recommend premium grade teak, mahogany or rattan garden furniture as these will require very little care over the years in order to stay strong and stunning. They’re also resistant to rot and is virtually weatherproof. Teak is known as the gold standard in outdoor furniture wood for its high rubber and oil content, making it ideal for withstanding the British climate.

#2. Yearly Clean – Drop the Hose

Those who rely on the yearly hose down for their outdoor garden furniture will be sad to hear this isn’t the most effective cleaning solution, and may be a source of their wooden garden furniture’s poor lifespan and aesthetic (it’s not so much a problem for our synthetic rattan outdoor furniture). Dirt, pests and bird droppings can seriously accelerate the wear of your wooden outdoor furniture.

It’s a fact that most of the dirt, grime and other wood-rotting suspects are invisible to the human eye. A hose down won’t dislodge these as effectively as a hot, soapy sponge, preferably with a dedicated wood cleaner. This will get rid of most of the dirt and grime possible and ensures your garden furniture will retain its shine and strength over years of fruitful use.

Again, different wooden furniture types have varying resistance to rot, insects and fungi. This is where grade-A teak shines through yet again.

#3. Cover or Store – Avoiding the Seagulls

We rarely, if ever, find ourselves able to enjoy our wooden garden furniture over the winter months (let alone in the summer), that’s just a fact of staying in the UK. Because of this, we recommend either covering your garden furniture with a breathable furniture cover, or storing it inside over these wet and windy months.

This not only protects your furniture from the elements, but also insects and acidic bird droppings which can cause long-lasting deterioration. It’s important that the cover allows the furniture to breath, otherwise it will become a nesting ground for mold which will feed back onto your precious wooden outdoor furniture.

#4. Wood Sealer and Protector – Your Furniture’s Force Field

To ensure your outdoor wooden furniture retains its shine and soft-touch appeal, we recommend using a dedicated wood sealer and protector. The sealer will help the wood retain its weather and insect fighting oil properties, and the protector will shield from dirt and grime over the winter months.

For best results, always make sure your wood care products are water-based (as opposed to oil based). Dirt and grime tends to stick to the oily substances before they have time to dry, leaving your wooden outdoor furniture darker and dirtier than it was before.

#5. Wipe Down Instantly – Garden Party Hazards

Again this depends on the quality of wooden outdoor furniture you’ve selected, its previous treatments and naturally occurring oil levels. For the safest bet, we’d recommend wiping down any spillages with a warm wet cloth as soon as possible to avoid long-term damage (and having to sand down your bench). Common culprits include condiments, red wine and ash from cigarettes and BBQs.

Woods such as grade-A teak or outdoor rattan furniture are more resistant to damage from spillages, however lower-quality woods won’t fare so well. Always have a damp cloth to hand in order to quickly clean up any potentially hazardous party spillages.

About the Author:
Steven Watts is a passionate blogger and content writer for Corido Garden Furniture, a leading outdoor teak furniture supplier. Steven has 5+ years of industries experience and he likes to share insightful posts for his readers.