5 Jobs Everyone Should Do On A Sunny Day

sunny day

Now that it’s summer, we’re getting plenty of long, summer days. And that means fantastic weather and glorious hot sun! You’ll have no doubt been tempted to enjoy the summer in your garden and on days out already. But it is also important not to waste too many of these sunny days. They offer the perfect weather to get certain important jobs done around your house and garden. Here are five jobs that everyone should do on a sunny day.

# Sort Out Your Roof

If your roof suffered a bit of a bashing in bad weather recently, it could be in need of some TLC. While the weather is good, take a look at your roof from ground level. Notice anything looking out of the ordinary? Then get the ladders out and have a closer look. If you have lost a couple of tiles or you notice soft spots or even holes, give a roofing company a call. There are many out there, including roofing company Roofing Solutions.

# Protect Garden Furniture

If you own any wooden garden furniture, it will need to be protected once a year by painting it in a special sealant paint. This will help the wood survive during any spells of rain or snow. You can buy the protective paint from your local DIX or gardening store. Just the one coat should be enough to protect the furniture. Once you have painted it on, you can always add a coating of a different paint to add some color.

# Clean Out Gutters

Gutters can get blocked if they are not regularly cleaned out. If you forget about them, and they block, you will certainly notice once it rains! Dead leaves will stop the rainwater from flowing down drains. Instead, it will overflow from the gutter and run down your walls. This can cause water damage, which can be expensive to repair. So whenever the sun is shining, take a look in your gutters to see if they need cleaning out.

# Organize Flowerbeds

Now is the time to get out into your garden and organize your flowerbeds. Pull out any weeds and spray your whole garden with de-weeder. It can also be worth putting de-weeder on your lawns to keep them smart and neat. Summer is peak pest season, so your flowers and plants are at risk of being nibbled by slugs and snails. You can use pesticides to get rid of them. If you want to keep things organic, install physical barriers. Trim back any overgrown bushes and trees as well so your garden and borders look very presentable.

# Paint Jobs

Paint on exterior walls can be badly affected by adverse weather. Now that the weather is good give all paintworks a touch up so that they will look their best in all the summer sun. If you need to, remove any old paint before you apply a new coating.

As you can see, there are many jobs that you can now do that the sun has come out!