5 Signs You’ve Hired The Wrong Waste Collection Service In Barnes

Waste Collection Service

Waste Collection Service

If you’ve decided to use a professional service to help you deal with waste, make sure you are about to hire the right waste removal company in Barnes. There are lots of companies in Barnes that are not reliable and shouldn’t be trusted. To avoid getting scammed, you should choose the right waste collection service. Read the following tips carefully and keep in mind the essentials when hiring a rubbish disposal company.

#1. They refuse to give you a written contract for the service

Be aware of any waste clearance firm that refuses to put work in writing. If you hear them say: “Who needs a contract nowadays, let’s not make things more complicated”, that is the most certain sign that there is something wrong with that company. Contracts are important both for you and for the company. It is also a way to protect yourself from dishonest businesses. Contracts include the obligations that should be fulfilled to guarantee that the service will be completed that the payment made.

If the rubbish removal company is not willing to give you a written contract this can mean that they will ask you to pay more money for the waste collection at the end of the service. You should always know your rights to avoid getting scammed by a dishonest firm.

#2. They can’t provide you with licenses, proof of insurance or other documentation

To be sure you can trust their team, you need to ask for their credentials. A reputable company will be able to show you licenses, a proof of insurance or any other documentation that will verify that they can be trusted. If the company representative refuses to show you any of these documents, one of the reasons can be that the company is not legal.

#3. You read lots of bad reviews on their website

You should definitely search for more information about the rubbish removal service online. Make sure you visit their official website, if they have one. Read customer reviews, testimonials and ratings. Make sure that the positive comments are more than the negative ones. Pay attention to the bad comments as they can show you some of the company’s flaws. You can’t hire a service that you haven’t checked in advance. Barnes residents have certainly left some feedback about the services they have used.

#4. They are asking you to pay up front

You should know that a reputable waste removal company in Barnes won’t ask for any kind of payment in advance. They are more likely to ask for money when they are finished with the disposal of your items, not before that. You should keep in mind that this is one of the most popular scams among the dishonest companies. They will ask for money to buy some tools and then they will disappear or do a poor quality job simply because they already have the money. Make sure that they handle everything in a professional way and then pay them.

#5. They don’t offer an insurance

You need insurance to make sure that the rubbish clearance company will pay you in case they damage your property in some way. You need to make sure that you have the legal rights to ask for a sum that will cover the damages. Insurance will protect you and your home. Make sure that they have bought insurance for their workers as well. That way if the workers hurt themselves while working in your home, they will be paid by the company.

These are some of the things you should always keep in mind when hiring rubbish removal in Barnes. The best companies can make sure that the rubbish you want to get rid of will be handled professionally and efficiently. They can dispose of a wide range of items including damaged furniture, old electronics, green waste and construction rubble. As part of their commitment to the environment they will try to recycle or reuse as much junk as possible to ensure that the amount of waste that goes to the local tips in Barnes will be minimised. You should not allow to get scammed; you just need to make sure that the service you’ll hire will be reliable and professional.

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