5 Ways to Know It’s Time for a New Carpet


Here are five signs it’s time to say hello to a new carpet and goodbye to the old one.

#1. Deep Stains

If you have deep stains on your carpet that you can’t clean by regular methods, then it’s time for a new carpet. It’s a good practice to call in professionals to clean the carpet 1-2 times a year, but if you have dark stains from food, dirt or biohazards like urine or vomit, it becomes unsanitary to continue to have the carpet even after they are clean on the surface. Bacteria from our bodies and pets can stick around after the carpet is cleaned. With this said, too many deep stains is an indicator it’s time for new carpet.

#2. Mold

Your carpet might be molding for a couple of different reasons. Maybe you had a storm flood some of your floors. You might have had a leaky ceiling or a spill. If your carpet doesn’t dry properly, mold will grow. Mold produces an offensive smell and can cause sickness for loved ones. If you suspect your carpet might be molding, this is a serious issue that you’ll want to get a new carpet as soon as possible.

#3. It Comes Up Off the Floor

It’s never a good sign if your carpet is coming up. This phenomenon can happen for a variety of different reasons. If your carpet is older, this might occur from general wear and tear. This can may happen if you live in a humid environment, or if your carpet has been wet (even from cleaning) multiple times. If your carpet is coming up just because of age, talk to a flooring consultant about your options. You might just need some parts of your carpet re-glued rather than replaced.

deep stains carpet

#4. You’re Selling Your Home

If you’re selling your home, a new carpet makes the interior appealing to buyers. Also, compared to other updates you can make, changing the carpet is a rather inexpensive way to make the home look better. Most buyers will expect a new carpet, even if the house is a fixer-upper. New carpet would be a worthy investment if you want the house to sell at full value.

Tip: If you’re replacing carpet to sell your home, go with neutral colors. This way, people viewing your house a clearer idea of how their design ideas will look in your home.

#5. It Doesn’t Match Anything

If you bought new furniture and chose a new design theme for your home, there might be a carpet out there that looks better with your new theme. This can be your chance to look into getting that thick, plushy carpet you see in the magazines. You can also opt for a different color, or something stain resistant if you have pets or children. Your carpet texture can change the look and feel of the room. If you’re looking for that type of change, a new carpet is a solution.

Changing your carpet can make your home feel like new again. The possibilities are endless, so enjoy the process.