6 Easy Tips That Will Save Your Pool


Winter is drawing closer.

Similarly to other parts of your home, there are numerous things you need to check when it comes to your pool. You need to prepare it for cold weather thus preventing any damage.

Although the entire procedure is somewhat extensive, it is a necessary one. In the end, pools are a great pleasure but also a great responsibility.

Check these simple tips that will help you protect your pool from winter.

#1. Water chemistry

Before anything else, it is necessary to balance the water chemistry. Alkalinity should range from 80 to 120 while pH needs to go from 7.2 to 7.4. Some of the substances may affect your pool cover so it is necessary to get them on the appropriate level beforehand.

#2. Remove everything

Best thing you can do for your equipment is to remove it. There is no need for stuff to be lying all over the place. This can only lead to damage. Make sure to remove the cleaners, baskets, wall fitting and ladders.

#3. Lower the level of water

Another thing that needs to be modified is your water level. In this case, the level will depend on the skimmer. Ice can damage this part of the pool so you will have to reduce water level well below it. In case of the vinyl pools, you can use Aquador which can cover the skimmer so there won’t be any need for this modification.

#4. Perform full drainage

Similarly to your skimmer, all other parts of the pool are susceptible to ice. In order to prevent any damage, make sure to drain all the water. Here, put emphasis on your pipes as they will most certainly burst when the ice forms within them. However, you will also have to check filtering, chlorinating and heating equipment. Pump is extremely susceptible here and you might have to remove two different plugs from it.

#5. Additional protection

First of all, start by lubricating your pump. This will prevent rust. After that, you need to turn to plumbing. Here, you will have to blow out the lines followed by plugging of the same. You have another option. You can also use antifreeze if you decided not to blow them out. It’s your call. After that is done, you will have to introduce floater and algaecide for the winter.

#6. Covering your pool

If you have done everything so far, your pool should be clean and protected. To remain so, you will have to use a pool cover. Make sure that the cover is a perfect fit as you do not want anything to get into the pool. Naturally, it needs to be intact so make sure there are no holes through which dirt or debris can fall trough. In the end, it is your last line of defense.



Lastly, make sure to do all of this after swimming season is over. There is no point in waiting as winterizing becomes harder as the times goes by. You wouldn’t like to do all this cleaning during the rainy or snowy weather.

Author Bio:
Nick Stoyanov is a copywriter and content strategist at forpumps.com.au – Australia’s largest online pump store. 4 Pumps is an Australian company that focuses on the national distribution of its comprehensive range of quality pumping products.