7 Makeover Ideas for Small Houses

Not all can grant themselves the luxury of living in spacious homes. Decorating small spaces has always been a challenge, because even the smallest mess can make them look cluttered, making their residents nervous. If you’re not in a financial situation that allows you to purchase a larger apartment or house, you should consider rearranging your furniture so that you can make a better use of all the available space.

small house

There are different tricks and gimmicks you could use to create more space. Also, reorganizing is less costly than moving to another place. If you’re skilled and have a knack for design, you can do it yourself, or hire a contractor to help you with some great house, apartment and even mobile home remodel ideas. Here are 7 small house makeover ideas to consider.

#1 Multipurpose Space

If you live in a small apartment or a house, the fact is that you won’t have enough space to create every single room you might need. If you, for example, need both a guestroom and a home office, you can create a multipurpose room, that will have both of these functions. In that case, you should make the best of this situation and use what you can to your advantage. Find desk units that have been upgraded with a collection of shelves above for additional storage. Also, a Murphy bed can be stored, which provides you with some creative workspace during the day, but can also be easily pulled out for some occasional guests.

#2 Clever Kitchen Storage

There is something quite appealing and eye-catching about well-organized and open storage shelves. Yes, regular kitchen storage serves its purpose, but with open shelving, the entire space can be kept airy and open while separating the dining area from the kitchen. Another perfect place to store and display your glassware and favourite items are floor-to-ceiling shelves. Turn your small kitchen into two separate rooms by adding a small wall divider.


#3 Beneath the Staircase

Add a stylish shelving unit right beneath the stairs to take advantage of that space. With good storage solutions, any space can be enhanced. Depending on where it’s located, you can turn it into a mini bar for storing your bar essentials if it’s near the kitchen or a neat bookshelf if it’s in your living-room.

#4 Bathroom Storage

Storing bathroom essentials in a small bathroom is often a problem, which can be dealt with by adding some narrow wall shelves to store them in a stylish, yet practical way. Find some attractive canisters to hold your favourite lotions, cotton balls, and cotton swabs, as well as some wicker baskets to place on the shelves as a kind of hidden storage for unsightly toiletries.

#5 Mirrors, Mirrors, Mirrors

Any small space can be visually expanded by adding a full-body mirror. It is one of the easiest and best-known tricks in the design world for achieving the illusion of a larger space, and bringing more light into a room. Add a tall mirror in your bedroom and surround it with neutral draperies to make it appear larger. For a more enclosed and intimate space, just close the draperies and hide the mirror.


#6 Make Things Lighter

Avoid using dark hues if you want to make your space appear larger. A grey wall can serve as a focal point, but keep the rest of the space open and light with interesting white furniture and built-in units. Every piece of furniture has its visual weight – perceived heaviness of a certain object based on design, colour, and size. Avoid choosing pieces that have a heavyweight appearance, because they will seem to constrict the space.

#7 Curtain Divider

A great way for dividing two spaces is using a sheer curtain divider. Incorporate it into your living space, match it with the overall design, and it can visually separate two rooms (e.g. dining room from the living room) while adding a dramatic element.

Don’t be afraid to get creative. Look around your small house for unused space and just think about what you could use it for. These are some of the most common tricks for maximizing your space, try to follow them, declutter and make your home more spacious and comfortable.