9 Tips to Green your House Cleaning Routine

Green House

The first step to contribute to the environment as an individual is starting from your own house. A simple change to your daily chores can be a big change for the planet simply by choosing green alternatives. Some of the easiest things you can do is to get rid of your toxic products and switch to eco-friendly cleaning products. It improves the quality of the air indoors and outdoors but it will also improve your health. This article will give you 9 tips to keep your house eco-friendly cleaned.

#1. Look around your house and get rid of your toxic products

It’s incredible how people stock up hazardous chemicals products beneath their sinks or in different cupboards. If you want to have a toxic-free home, the first step would be to get rid of them. These chemical cleaners are extremely dangerous for the health of your kids as well so throw them away by disposing them appropriately.

#2. Dispose chemical cleaners in a responsible way

If you want to get rid of your toxic cleaners, you must be very careful. Throwing them away in the trash or putting them down the drain can have a huge impact on the environment because it will end up straight in nature. It’s the worst thing you can do! The best way to avoid that is by contacting different communities from your area. They will help you to do it in a responsible way!

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#3. Buy or create green cleaning substitutes

Today, the market is full of different green alternative cleaning agents. Some of them are even biodegradable. Try to always look for them, they are easy to find! You should also check the packaging and make sure there is no caution, danger, poison or any warning signal.

There are different natural ingredients that can be substituted for toxic products. Your kitchen can help you a lot to create your own natural cleaner. For example, lemon or vinegar can be great natural detergents.

#4. Avoid synthetic sponges and mops and use old rags

This is an amazing way to contribute to the environment. Everyday, we use tons of paper towels but we never really think how much it affects trees. The best way to avoid that is using old clothing as rags or kitchen towel. We all have old clothes that we don’t use anymore and they can be a great alternative for cleaning.

#5. Figure out what kind of water there is in your taps

You can have different types of water in your tap and it’s important to make the difference and accordingly decide on which detergent would be a good fit. For example, hard water requires stronger detergent. This means that if you use a lighter product with this type of water it would be ineffective and you’ll have to use a more detergent to get the same outcome. So try to use the best cleaning detergent with the best type of water to reduce the wastage of resources.

#6. Use disinfectant alternatives

Try to look for green cleaning disinfectants because most of the hazardous disinfectant cleaners contain cancerous chemicals. Some of these cleaners can even result in causing drug resistance in bacteria which is the last thing our environment needs. Also these hazardous disinfectant cleaners can not only directly affect your health but also the environment when they get washed down the drain.

#7. Save water as much as possible

Water covers 70% of the earth but only 1% is drinkable so it’s a very precious resource and you need to take this in consideration if you want to preserve the environment. With that being said, every day you should try to minimize the wastage of water and there are many ways to do it at home, especially in the bathrooms.

#8. Use plants in the house to control indoor air pollution

Plants are great for the indoor decor but at the same time they improve the quality of air by reducing the air pollution indoors.

#9. Clean regularly

If you regularly clean your house, then strong chemical cleaners and large amounts of water are not needed to help you complete your regular cleaning tasks. Try to clean at least once a week because if you wait too long you will be submerged by your cleaning chores.

These different eco-friendly tips can be very useful in helping you become the great green cleaner of tomorrow. If you start to use them efficiently, you’ll never ever feel the need to buy chemical cleaning products anymore. Removing toxic cleaning products and choosing eco-friendly ones goes together and your home will be fresh, clean and green. It’s the best way to protect your health and the environment!

Be green, clean green!

Author Bio:
Olivia Orban is specialist for cleaning and home arrangement for 6 years. Since 2014, she has been a content writer for Sparkle & Shine, a company in Melbourne that provides premium ecological cleaning services and creates beautiful and well-organised homes.