How to Address the Unexpected Plumbing Emergency at Your Home

One of the most unexpected events that brings shocking disaster to your residential life is plumbing emergencies. Plumbing faults can occur anytime through the year, and you are always startled by the damage and calamity it causes to your household items. One of these days, you may wake up to wash your face and suddenly you will find there is water everywhere. You are expecting guests to arrive for a party at your house and your water system crashes. What will be the first thing you would do in this unfortunate situation? Calling an emergency plumber, right?

A plumbing expert can take care of any problems regarding sinks, leakages, broken hot water system, clogged pipe, broken toilet, faucet damage, drains, etc. To save the excruciating damage and restore the healthy water system in your house, you really need to call a professional and experienced plumber who can locate the source of the problem efficiently and fix broken parts of water system.

Emergency plumber

Emergency plumber

So here is what you can do to address the unexpected plumbing emergency at your home:

# Control and prevent the flow of water

The first thing you must do when you discover that your house is overflooded with water is to shut the water supply. You must make preventing the further damage your first priority. If you have found that the leak lies in the faucet of your washroom or toilet, cut the water feeding to those fixtures. If you can get your hands on shut off point or you fail to stop the water, you can try another alternative, which is to cut main water supply that provides water to your entire home. You can easily spot it near water meter.

# Save valuables and furniture

Before you decide to hire an emergency plumber, make sure your furniture and other valuables remain out of water. If you can grab a chance to mop up the floor, go ahead and clean as much space as possible. By the time plumber arrives, you may have create good clarity for him to work and solve plumbing issues properly. Protect your furniture by sticking a few layers of aluminum foil to it so that you can move it easily away.

# Remove the clogging from the drain

There are some things you can do and the rest can be done by expert plumber. After you have turned off the water, to unclog the drain, use a plunger to get rid of obstacles that block the water flow. With the help of plunger, you can fix the clogging problem. You can apply multiple plunging strokes in the drain to clear the obstructions. Liquid drain cleaner can come handy when it comes to cleaning sink or toilet. If you fail to do so, you can always have emergency plumber service at your home.

# Get rid of Standing Water

If you are too lazy to remove the standing water in your house, you will pay the price in form of dirty, sticky formation of mold in a matter of 24 hours or so. So don’t wait until a professional plumber knocks your door. Leaving water there will cause unpredictable damage to your expensive flooring, walls, coatings, wooden structures and pictures. In a way, it can spoil the spectacles of your house. Use a special vacuum machine, mop or towel to soak up and squeeze out the unappealing water. Open the doors to reduce humidity and bacterial growth. Turn on fans to push the air out the house.

# Call an emergency plumber

Call to an Emergency Plumber

Call to an Emergency Plumber

Since plumbing emergencies can barge in on you anytime without your knowledge, it is better to contact an emergency plumber service that believes in 24/7 services. To make the job of a plumber easy and effective, assess the area of your house affected by water deluge and provide accurate information on fixtures that need urgent attention. The information will also decide how much task they need to do and price charged for the service.


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