Basement Window Requirements

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Finishing your basement? Be sure that your remodeling work is in compliance with building codes in your area. If you are considering basement remodeling as a way to broaden your living space, do not be amused if your local building codes department has something to say about it. For instance, in many states without an egress window, regulations will not allow a basement bedroom. And because this regulation is fairly recent in most parts of the world, a great chunk of the existing basements were not designed with basement windows.Fortunately, you need not to be restricted by the original basement that your residence was designed with. You can easily solve the issue by cutting an opening in your basement wall and adding a basement window that meets all the building codes in your area. You will often find many contractors willing to do this job for between $1000 and $2500, or you might also consider doing the work yourself. But keep in mind that this is an evidently dirty -and -down project and is very sophisticated, hence requires experts to be done professionally and according to the required standards.

Basement Window Requirements

Basement Window Requirements

# Know Your Code

Basement remodeling is like creating new space, fully equipped with heat and plumbing. However, as mentioned earlier, before you begin converting, you will need to check local building codes for egress or safety exits. For example, a basement basically requires emergency rescue and escape openings. Your code office may have its own rules or it may be part of the more than 90% of communities in the U.S that embrace the rules of the ICC (International Code Council).

# Egress Requirements

Whether it is an egress door or window, it has to open easily and lead to the outside without the use of tools or keys. It must also follow local code requirements for the width and height of basement windows.

# What Will You Get from the Investment?

The additional light let in by the deep basement window can stamp out the dank and dark atmosphere associated with many earlier basement designs. The sensational difference can be amazing. In many basements more than anywhere else in the house, light is an important design component. Of course the main benefit of a basement window is an easily accessible opening via which a homeowner or a rescuer can escape or enter in the event of a fire. But fire basements are very common, so this is more than just a building code requirement issue. In addition, what is great for you will also be good for the next owner of the house. With an extra bedroom, you could easily recover 20 to 30 times your basement window installation costs when you ultimately sell your house.

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