Benefits of garage heater in your house – Stay Warm in the Garage

The best way to warm your garage is to use garage heater. Gas Heaters are devices which are mainly used to keep the house warm during winter. During the winter season, they are indispensable because they offer protection from the cold weather. Indoor gas heaters are broadly classified into vented and ventless types.

Types of Indoor Gas Heaters

# Vented Gas Heaters:

These should be permanently installed inside the house. They are supposed to be a safe option as they are wall mounted and cannot be carried around the house.

# Ventless Gas Heaters:

garage heater


These heaters contain a catalytic converter and can be either permanent or portable types. The major advantage is that they can be carried easily around the house comfortably.

Benefits of garage heater in your house

# Easy To Install:

The installation charges are almost negligible. This is because they can be easily mounted on the wall and do not require any ducts or chimney. Some portable gas heaters come with a stand which makes it easy to be carried anywhere. No special requirements are needed for their installation.

# High Fuel Efficiency:

One of the major benefits of using ventless gas heaters is that their energy consumption is very low. They work with maximum efficiency. By burning fuel to the maximum extent, they do not emit any smoke or carbon monoxide which can be hazardous to health. When compared to other types, they are much more efficient and perform better. They help the customer save money on energy consumption. Moreover, there is no need to go in for frequent refills as they run for a longer duration.

# Eco-Friendly:

Due to global awareness, people are getting more and more conscious of the need to protect the environment. They are considered to be eco-friendly. This is because they use only natural gas for heating purposes. They do not emit any carbon monoxide which is extremely hazardous to human health.

# Easy To Carry:

One kind of ventless gas heater is the portable one. As the name indicates, it can be easily and comfortably moved around the house. The main advantage is that it can be used for heating single rooms and thereby saves a lot of energy. It can be easily carried even outdoors, and you can use it according to your need. Since it uses natural gas, there is no need to worry about pollution. Another benefit is that it is light weight and can be even wall mounted with ease.

# Can Be Used Outdoors:

garage heater


They can also be used outdoors. Their fuel efficiency makes them a better option than electric heaters. Most of the portable ones are even being used as garage heaters. Though garages are meant for car parking and also used to store junk, at times they are also used as a kids play area. During such times, you could make use of the garage heater to keep it warm and comfortable for your kids.

Heaters are a very sensible investment if a person has chosen the right kind of garage heater for the garage. But, it’s very important that one practices utmost care when operating these garage heaters. Garages are the most popular storage places for several sensitive items. This means a heater in the garage necessitates special precaution to keep away from setting a fire.

Always keep the heater far away from flammable things and operate the equipment only inside an area which is well-ventilated. A qualified heating professional can help you determine the amount of BTU’s you’ll need, then help you select just the right heater for the garage or workshop. Keep in mind warranty and after sales services, installing services and maintenance for gas heaters.

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