Gas Hot Water System And Its Multiple Utilities For Your Home

Gas hot water systems are a continuous flow of hot water as per demand and requirement by using either natural gas, which is delivered through piped network, or by use of LPG. This hot water system is the best option to take a bath during the winter months, and they also reduce your electricity bill to a large extent. The conventional storages develop rust and scales inside the tanks. The thankless units have no such problem giving fresh water at all times

Hot Water System

Gas hot water system working on the principles of convection:

  • Storage water heaters heat and store water in an insulated tank for use when required. They use gas burner located under the storage tank to heat the water. They have a pilot flame, which that burns continuously but lights the main burner only when required. The process is that the storage systems lose heat continuously through the walls of the tank and to keep the water to desired temperature the gas needs to burn regularly. Through a process of convection, the heat gets transferred to the water inside the container, and distributed thereafter.
  • Instantaneous heaters also known as continuous flow systems, heats water when required. This system does not require a storage tank. Here the water is heated by a gas burner in which cold water flows through a twisted pipe called a heat exchanger. The gas burner starts immediately once a hot water tap is turned on.

What are the benefits of gas hot water system?

  • Environment-Friendly: The gas used to produce the hot water burns produces very few emissions. Thus result in clean and less polluted air. There is no formation of bacteria and mold in this water.
  • Energy Efficient: the areas that have continuous gas running installation of gas hot water system are a better option as compared to electricity. There is a constant reduction in your electricity bill, as you start using the gas hot water system.
  • Cost Effective: Gas hot water systems have gained popularity to beat the cost of rising cost of electricity. They are cheaper than their electric counterparts, and the savings are significant over the period of time.
  • Gas Hot Water Systems Heat Up Quickly:  They are capable to heat up a fresh tank of water very quickly, without a long wait. Alternatively, an instantaneous gas hot water system provides means to have running hot water at all times on demand.
  • Endless supply of hot water: the conventional tank water heater can heat up to a certain number of litres as per the tank capacity.  Heating starts again only once the pre heated water is consumed. Comparatively the hot water tank keeps the water heated and in circulation as and when required.
  • Space saving: These thankless units do not dominate the interior or exterior of the house as compared to the bulky storage heaters. Moreover, they can be installed anywhere you like.

Clean and fresh water: A gas hot water system is a great low-emission alternative to an electric hot water system.

Installation of gas hot water system is very convenient. Generally the system supplier visits the home and analyses the usage to determine the appropriate size of the system. The analysis is done on basis of:

  • Number of people living at home
  • Usage and requirement of hot water
  • Frequency and time of usage
  • Make sure that all pipes are insulated
  • Readily available Certificate of Compliance making sure new water heater meets all regulatory requirements

Moreover, you must also inquire about the energy star rating; more the starts the more efficient the water heater is. These ratings informs about minimum energy performance and safety systems. Visit this link to know more about hot water system and his energy star rating.

Getting the Best Out of Your Air Conditioning

When the summer approaches, many of us find some affordable ways to stay cool, air conditioning is recognized as the most common cooling solution. Air conditioners can provide the comfort that you need during the hot season. Air conditioners work just like a cooling process that occurs when water vaporizes from our skin. Basically, the air conditioners move heat from inside your house to outside, keeping your home cool. The vaporization coil contains liquid (called as a refrigerant) which gets converted into the gas when it takes in the heat from surrounding environment. The coolant or refrigerant is passed through a separate coil where it converts into liquid. The coil through which the conversion takes place is called condenser. A pump, commonly known as the compressor is used as the medium for the movement of refrigerant between evaporation coil and condenser. The energy is supplied to perform this whole operation using a motor.

How to maximize the efficiency of Air Conditioning:

Unlike most electrical appliances, air conditioning units involve complex mechanical systems that depend on various factors to operate correctly. A lot of things can go wrong, such as load, refrigerant charge, an amount of airflow.

Points in mind to maximize the efficiency of your air conditioner

  • Ventilation:  Role of an ideal air conditioner is to heat, cool, humidify, dehumidify, and ventilate the surrounding as needed to enhance comfort. Lack of ventilation results in the generation of contamination, which in turn leads to severe health problems and discomfort. Ventilation helps to exchange the heat between inside and outside the house. Also, do not keep any doors and windows open, as conditioned air can escape through. So, proper ventilation is the most important thing to consider.
  • Clean or change the filters regularly: Maximum airflow indicates maximum air conditioning efficiency. A dirty filter not only reduces the quality of indoor air but also minimizes the airflow and puts more load on air conditioner impacts and hamper its performance. To avoid such situation, keep cleaning or changing air filters regularly. You can check the instructions on user manual to know when and how exactly to change the air filter. Air filters are much cheaper and you can easily afford one.
  • Keep an eye on ducts: Duct leakage is another reason for decreased performance of air conditioners. They can cause the problem, if moved beyond the cooled environment such as attics, garages, etc. Well-insulated ducts sustain the performance of air conditioning. Several products are available in insulating ducts to prevent leakage. If the ducts are reachable, you can seal them using mastic, otherwise, it is best to seek help from professionals. Prevention of duct leakage significantly increases the capacity of the air conditioner.
  • Lighten the load: You can increase the performance and efficiency of your air conditioner by decreasing the amount of work it must perform, by enhancing the infrastructure or decreasing the internal loads that your air conditioner must deal with. When building a new house, invest on high-efficiency materials and products; this turns to be cost effective in the long run. You can reduce internal loads by turning off non-essential electrical appliances.
  • Regular maintenance: Professional contractor can make sure your air conditioning unit is in perfect condition and working at expected efficiency level. Regular cleaning of coils blows off the dirt and obstructions. Routine maintenance such as cleaning and changing the air filters can be done by most of the consumers itself, but other working parts require professional care.

So, the above points should be considered to maximize the cooling efficiency of the air conditioner.

Significant and Essential Roles of Your New Home Builder

A new home is a very significant thing to one and all. Sometimes it is more than the necessity and includes someone’s dream or wish. So to transform your dream into reality, the primary and important thing required is the new home builder. The new home builder has to be the efficient and trustworthy because the construction of a house is huge and multifaceted undertaking. The home builder should handle the delicate frame of work with the ability to control all the hassles that might come around.

Multiple functions of the new home builder:-

The builders involved in this process do not only play the role of constructors but also of developers. One can easily call them as multi-performers. Their journeys of works start at the very primary level of construction. At the very initial stage, they go through the market research to gain a fair knowledge about the perspectives of the home site in the prevalent market- economy is greatly involved into the process. They also keep in mind about the legal laws of the country and obtain and sanction permission wherever and whenever it is needed. Again they also perform the task of surveying the land for the construction of new home in order to ensure about its convenience.

Significance of good new home builders:-    

As you have already noticed that any good builder struggles deliberately and whole-heartedly to bring your visions for a new home into reality and they do this by going beyond their roles of construction. This process involves them to keep in contact with the fellow construction builders and must supervise the artisans and subcontractors. They have to be enough skill to estimate knowledge on the zoning regulations and the prevailing building codes. They must be cool enough to sort out all the legal matters coming across.

Custom home builders:-

The custom home builders are also hired for constructing custom home. The custom home builder ensures the consumer to have the facility to control lot size, layout and other accessibility. A custom home is that type of home which is designed specifically for a particular client in a specific location for fulfilling his/her all desires. This builder may use n modify the plans of any architect or professional home builder.

New home builders in the role of counselors:-

The new home builders have to play several multiple functions which are essential in constructing a quality structure of a house. But apart from those, they sometime work as counselors for their clients. Though constructing a new home is a time taking process, but the home builders have to fix up a proper time and order to finish the work on time. These are the technical and constructional functions of the new home builders. Different custom and luxury builders are mostly equipped with interpersonal skills or need to be perfect spokesmen to deal various kinds of clients, give them a homely environment to discuss openly their desires and point of views, negotiate conflicts and sometimes decrease their mental burden regarding their new homes.

Questions needs to be asked to a prospective home builder:-

  1. How many projects you are dealing at the moment?
  2. Have you been licensed?
  3. Is the plot for construction deal any legal controversy?
  4. What raw materials you are using? What is the quantity of using it?
  5. What was your field of study?
  6. Will you be able to provide me a written estimate?
  7. What is your plan of work and division of workers?
  8. Have you supervise any artisans or sub-constructors?


  • As you have put your dream on the home builder, so you must judge him/her rightly.
  • Have full knowledge about the raw materials used.
  • Search the new home builders from website properly so that you don’t repent in the future.
  • Check the landscape architects and also the designs in the best way.
  • It is better to build single-family homes to keep proper speculations.