Causes and Prevention of Blocked Drains

Blocked drain is an unaccepted issue for all of us. They are visually irritating besides which the foul odor cause can make living in a home unbearable. Further, if left unattended for a certain span of time, this can cause health issues. Most homeowners tend to experience this problem at one time or another. You know you are facing a serious problem when all the drain cleaners used do not solve this problem. It is advisable to get hold of a drain engineer as soon as you can so that you can carry on your routine in a comfortable and clean manner.

# Outdoors or Indoors drains


When you are looking for the cause of a blocked drain it is advisable to find out which drain is problematic, is it the outdoor one or the indoor one. This is important as the plumber can work faster once this has been identified. If the outdoor drain is the problem, then there are possibilities of tree roots which have managed to grow inside or even dead leaves causing this. If the indoor drainage is the problem, there might be a possibility of waste and other objects which are blocking the water path.

# Bathroom or the Kitchen Drains

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Bathroom drains tend to clog due to items which are flushed down the toilet, but a kitchen drain blockage is due to grease or other food articles which are the major cause for blocking the same. You also find unusual objects being the cause of drain blockages like cement, toys, mobile phones or probably cat litter. These are uncommon but stand a good possibility for blockages.

# Preventing Clogged Drains

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# Cleaning

The very first step you should concentrate on is making sure you keep your drains clean as this plays an important role in preventing blockages. You need to be cautious when you put things in your drain, be it the kitchen or the bathroom. A regular check-up of the drains helps in keeping these clog-free. On a weekly basis, you need to lift up the stoppers in the sink of the bathroom and remove debris, putting them in the trash. Rinse the stopper well and replace the same. The drain cover from the bathtub or shower should be removed, after which, using a hair catching brush or with a bent wire you need to clear the debris which have been accumulated.

Once the cleaning is sorted out, you can think of:

    • Placing mesh screens over all the drains so that these can catch all the debris, hair and food particles.


    • Brushing your hair before a shower tends to lessen the hair accumulating down the drain.


    • Think of bathing your pets in the outdoors if the weather permits. In cold weather you can place a wash cloth over the drain which can catch any excess hairs from the pets. This can then be disposed off in the trash.


    • It is essential to educate the children on the cleanliness of the drain. This can reduce clogging to a great extent.


  • Finally, make sure the drains are not used as garbage bins by any member of the family.

# Seeking Professional Help


There is more than one possibility of you requiring professional help to unclog your drain. With the training, qualifications and experience, these professionals are able to unclog drains quickly and with great expertise. You might spend a little but you can be assured you get rid of this problem and not face it for a long period of time if you are able to concentrate on the maintenance and cleanliness of the block drain by professionals.

Searching online for the professionals is one convenient manner to do so as you are provided with all the required information.