Cheap and Basic Ways to Secure Your Home

Homeowners need to take their home’s security very seriously. The last thing you want is an intruder in your home making you feel unsafe. The issue is that home security isn’t cheap. In fact, it is expensive depending on what features you choose. Lots of people don’t have the money they need to invest, which means they don’t invest at all. Security shouldn’t be about who can afford it or not – it should be about staying safe. For every person reading this that can’t afford high-tech security, here are a few cheap alternatives.

# Use Common Sense

Anyone that is looking to make their home safe on a budget needs a lot of common sense. Common sense makes up for money because it addresses the problem areas. For example, you don’t need a ton of cash to shut the window before you leave your house. You also don’t need it to move all of your tools out of the garden to make it harder to break in. These are simple things that any homeowner can do regardless of their budget. To be honest, they are the first thing any homeowner should do before they look for alternatives.

# Get Everyone In It Together

Once upon a time, every neighborhood had a sense of community. Not anymore, because most neighbors would rather turn their head than help. That is a problem because a neighbor is the most effective tool any homeowner can use. They are the people that know a strange face, so they know when something isn’t right. And, they live right across the street and can see everything from their houses. If they are on a homeowner’s side, they will add another layer of security. The best communities are the ones that look out for one another because they know their neighbor will do the same for them.

# Pimp Out The Exterior

Anyone on a budget should forget about fancy gadgets and mod cons because they are expensive. Thankfully, a homeowner doesn’t need to spend a fortune to give the impression they are secure. The best example is fake security cameras or dummy cameras. These cameras look as if they are working when in reality they are just for show. Most property owners use them if they can’t afford to buy and maintain real cameras. Burglars are opportunists, and they can’t take the risk if they see a camera. Also, exterior lighting is another good example. Lights illuminate the darkness giving thieves fewer opportunities to creep around. Good lighting only costs a couple of dollars, yet it makes a huge difference.

# Guard Animal

For any homeowner that has a dog, they are a great addition to your security. Dogs that bark at the slightest movement are especially effective. As long the owner takes them seriously, they can alert people to outside danger. Animals have a great sense of smell and can detect small movements that humans can’t, which is why they are effective. It doesn’t have to be a dog, but the animal needs the right tools for the job.


Home security doesn’t have to cost a fortune as long as the homeowner knows a few tricks of the trade.