How to Choose the Right Swimming Pool

Buying a swimming pool is a great investment. In the light of this, there are many things you need to consider prior to actually buying it. In order to make it as easy as possible for you, we bring the basics you need to take into account when buying a swimming pool.

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Types of pools

Since there are so many types of pools, they will be grouped into three subgroups: the types according to material they are made from, the types according to size and the types according to shape.

Types of pools according to material

Above ground pools are made from prefabricated material. They are the cheapest and the easiest types of pools to install. The advantage is that they are movable. However, the design is not much appealing.

Inground pools can be made from various materials including fiberglass, vinyl and gunite. Fiberglass pools are made from fiberglass plastic. The installation may take one to three weeks to complete. Because of the smoothness of the material, you may not have many problems with algae. Vinyl-lined pools are the cheapest of all other inground pools. The installation takes three weeks to complete. However, the durability of this kind of pool is a problem. Vinyl needs to be replaced every 10 years. Gunite pools are the most difficult to install and because of this they often take 12 weeks to be built. Gunite is a mixture of sand and cement. Even though they take a long time to build, they are the most durable pools.

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Types of pools according to size

You should differentiate between a play pool and a diving pool. Play pools are used for relaxation and they are 5 feet deep. On the other hand, diving pools are 8 feet deep.

Types of pools according to shape

You can choose between a free form pool and a geometric pool. The main feature of so-called lap pools is that they are narrow and long. You want an impression of an exotic resort? You need an infinity edge pool. Be warned, they are very expensive. Spools (the combination of a spa and a pool) are small sized.

Swimming pool maintenance

To make sure that water is always clear, be regular at measuring chlorine and PH levels. You should chlorinate it regularly but at the same time you need to measure the level of chlorine. To prevent algae, use an algaecide. Pool filters cannot remove all debris. It is advisable to use some kind of pool water clarifier which will coagulate tiny debris to make easier for a pool filter to collect them.

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Pool heaters

Another thing you should consider before buying a pool is a pool heater. There are three kinds of pool heaters: gas, electric and sun pool heaters. Obviously, sun heaters are the cheapest. On the other hand, gas heaters are the most expensive ones, but they will heat a pool as quickly as possible. The electric heaters are somewhere in between. They are very effective and not expensive to operate.

Pool covers

In order to reduce costs of heating a pool, the best option is to use a pool cover. Pool covers can be made from different materials: from vinyl to polyethylene down to polypropylene. When it comes to automations, they can be manual, semi-automatic or an automatic.

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Safety measures

Especially if you have children or pets, it is of utmost importance to take into account safety measures. A fence completely surrounds a pool and it can be made from wood, aluminum, steel, vinyl and many other materials. If you are limited by space, use a pool net. Also, consider pool alarms if you have children. There are alarms which your child wears on the wrist. There are also water motions sensor alarms. In addition, there are gate and door alarms.

Even though you have read all of this, you need to find a suitable pool builder. Building a pool is not an easy job, so you will need help of the experts. Swimming pool builders Sydney have a large portfolio of designs.

In the end, there are many things to consider prior to buying a pool. It is very important to research and to be knowledgeable. Do not hesitate to ask as many questions as you need so you can get a perfect swimming pool.