Color Trends for Premium Flooring Solutions in 2017


In a way, it can be really exciting when you decide to install new flooring in your home. But with so many premium flooring solutions to choose from, however, it can get a bit confusing. It’s not just about picking the right materials, whether it’s hardwood, wood-like laminate, or natural stone. It also involves having to pick the right color.

Just because you’ve already picked the flooring material you want doesn’t necessarily limit your choice of colors to a more manageable number of options. Just about every flooring option comes with an entire spectrum of color choices.

To help you choose, here are some of the more popular flooring color trends for 2017. These colors are available for wood and laminate, as well as for tile and vinyl. Of course, you can get carpets in these colors as well. Some of these trendy colors have become new favorites after decades of obscurity, though others are time-proven classics which will probably never go out of fashion.

#1. Gray

For people who can’t seem to pick between dark and light colors for floors, gray seems like a natural compromise. It has enjoyed a surge in popularity for the last few years, and there has been some discussion as to the staying power as a trend. But interest in this color hasn’t abated, and it seems like its popularity is here to stay. That’s especially true for wood and laminate flooring.

The neutrality of the color seems to suit any color scheme for the room, and it’s remarkably soothing. It can really help you relax in your own home. What’s also relaxing is that dirt doesn’t really show too easily with this color, so you won’t feel like you have to scrub the floors every day.

#2. Dark and Almost Black

Others call this color espresso. By whatever name you call it, this almost ebony shade is the very opposite of neutral hues. It’s quite dramatic, and it’s a great match for exciting homes for homeowners who want a lively home with a memorable look.

The espresso shade is quite deep, and you and your guests won’t be able to deny its intrinsic elegance. It leaves quite an impression, and it’s the kind of effect that can make almost-black a rather trendy choice for many more years to come.

However, it does come with a few drawbacks. It makes rooms seem darker and even smaller. So it’s more suitable for larger rooms with lots of illumination. The dark shade also tends to show dirt more easily, so you may have to clean the floors more frequently.

#3. White

This is another flamboyant option for those who’ve grown weary of the safety of neutral colors. If you think neutral is boring, white flooring is anything but.

It’s not very common, so your home can look more unique. Unlike almost black, the white color can make your room look bigger, and it may seem like the room is brighter as well. On the other hand, it can look dirty very quickly.

Experts predict that the popularity of white for hardwood and laminate flooring may be a flash in the pan. Of course, that may not turn out to be true at all, since this color has always been popular for natural stone and tile flooring.

#4. Blonde

This is still lighter shade than white, but like gray many experts believe that this has staying power as a flooring color trend. It’s still a very new option, so for trendsetters who would not rather follow obsolete styles it’s a great trailblazing choice.

An advantage of blonde hues is that it can make a room look brighter and bigger, just like white. But unlike white, the dirt on the floor isn’t as obvious. It offers lots of benefits without any serious drawbacks, and that can make it popular for the next few decades. That’s especially true for wood and laminate flooring.

So take your time before you settle on a particular color. Check if it fits the vibe of the entire home. It’s your flooring and your house after all!