Convert Your Bedroom Into A Tranquil Haven In 10 Easy Steps

If you’re renovating an old house or doing some DIY, you may be looking to turn your bedroom into a tranquil haven. After a long day at work, there’s nothing better than retreating to a cozy, quiet space to relax. If you’re looking for inspiration and ideas, follow these ten easy steps to design a stunning new bedroom.

#1. De-clutter

They say a tidy home means a tidy mind. If your bedroom is full of boxes or there are clothes all over the floor, take some time to do a spring clean. De-clutter and tidy up. Get rid of anything you no longer want and invest in some storage. Go for wardrobes that have pull-out drawers, or put up some shelves to display frames and ornaments.

#2. Think about colors

Color is one of the most effective ways of injecting personality and setting the tone of a room. For bedrooms, you want to create an oasis of calm and tranquility. Try to avoid garish prints or clashing colors. Go for shades, which are proven to make you feel calm and relaxed. If you love color, and you want to avoid anything too safe, add touches with accessories. If you’re a fan of more daring designs, go for a feature wall or combine colored and plain walls. This way, you can make a statement without going over the top. Popular bedroom colors include pale turquoise and duck egg blue, cream, white and mint green.


#3. Invest in the right mattress

Nobody wants to feel tired and irritable all the time. If you’re missing out on quality sleep, your mattress could be to blame. If you’ve had the same bed for years, or your mattress is worn or damaged, it may be time to replace it. Search online to find a dunlopillo latex mattress guide and read reviews. Take a trip to a local showroom and try out some different mattresses. Go for one, which is comfortable, but also offers your back plenty of support. A good quality-mattress will help you to sleep better.

#4. Go tech-free

Are you often woken up by your phone buzzing? Do you struggle to sleep because of flashing lights on your laptop or TV? Now is the time to go tech-free and embrace the peace of the simple life. By all means, keep up to date with current affairs and chat to friends online in the living room. But keep your bedroom free from gadgets. It should be a quiet sanctuary, not somewhere you play games or check work emails.


#5. Add some cozy touches

If your bedroom is looking a little cold and characterless, soft furnishings are the way forward. Place cushions by your pillows and drape a throw over the end of the bed. Add rugs to floorboards and carpets to add color and warmth. Adorn the windows with printed curtains. If you have armchairs or a chaise longue, cover it with textured throws and blankets. Just a few simple touches can make a massive difference.


#6. Keep your room dark

It’s much easier to sleep when it’s dark, so invest in some blackout blinds or choose thick curtains. If you’re desperate for light colored curtains, but you want to block out the light, ask an upholsterer to line your curtains.

#7. Use lighting to create ambiance

In the bedroom, it’s best to go for soft, ambient lighting, rather than harsh light. Use dimmer switches to adjust the lighting, or scatter lamps around the room. Choose a large lamp to make a style statement and add bedside lamps to finish off the look. A stainless steel standing lamp is perfect for a modern space. For a vintage look, go for a chic hanging chandelier. If you’re trying to set a romantic scene, drape fairy lights around your headboard.


#8. Light some candles

Candles are an easy way to add atmosphere to your bedroom and make you feel relaxed. Choose scented candles to create a soothing aroma. If you have children or pets, and you’re worried about burning candles, go for LED versions. Alternatively, if you’re feeling creative, make your own light installations. Place fairy lights in rustic jam jars or thread them around vases filled with bamboo canes.

#9. Bring the great outdoors in

If you enjoy sitting in the garden and watching the world go by, why not bring the great outdoors into your bedroom? Place some plants on shelves or window sills and use natural materials. Wooden floors look beautiful in older homes, and you can add coziness with high-pile rugs. Wood is also a great choice for wardrobes, chests and bedside tables.


#10. Create that lived-in feel

Nothing makes you feel more comfortable and secure than being at home. Although you may like the look of showroom designs, the lived-in look is often much more appealing in your own home. Make your bed each day, but don’t spend hours straightening cushions or folding throws. Often, leaving things looking a little imperfect can make your bedroom feel like a more personal space. Keep your slippers by the side of the bed and don’t worry if your photo frames aren’t perfectly spaced. You may also wish to add a little personalization. Framed prints and canvases are the perfect finishing touches.


A tranquil bedroom can lift your mood and improve the quality of your sleep. If your bedroom is dated or you’re in the process of renovating, think about what your dream room looks like. Have a browse through some magazines and online blogs and note down some ideas. Use color charts, cuttings and your own notes to make a moodboard. Think about colorways, furniture, and accessories. Use a brand new, luxurious bed to create a stunning centerpiece, and add soft furnishings to create a cozy, inviting space. Keep your room quiet and dark to make you feel relaxed and help you to unwind before bed. Pay attention to detail and inject your style and personality. You can achieve a lot without breaking the bank or spending months painting and decorating.