Cooling in a Safe and Healthier way

Global warming is taking its toll on the world as the temperatures are to be always rising. The summers seem to be increasingly hotter and cooling systems which can make the temperatures tolerable are fast becoming a necessity, rather than a luxury. An evaporative cooler is most useful as it cools by evaporating the water. The temperature of dry air particularly can be brought down to a large degree by the transition of water into water vapor. This process is termed evaporation. The guiding principal behind evaporative cooling is the natural cooling of our physical systems through perspiration. Just as the process of perspiration absorbs heat in order to cool your body while evaporating, so does evaporative cooling, but of the atmosphere of your home. 

Air-conditioning vs. Evaporative cooling

Both evaporative cooling and air-conditioning result in cooling the temperatures, but there are vast differences between them. You can consider the following before selecting the device.

  • Air conditioning definitely costs a lot more than evaporative coolers and money being a factor to consider, these coolers are more reasonable, cheaper and easier on the pocket.
  • Evaporative coolers, as compared to air conditioners, also use less energy. There is definitely a conservation of energy compared to the traditional air conditioners.
  • Again, air conditioners re-circulate air, so you are constantly breathing stale air and are at a risk of several ailments, while coolers give out fresh air, which is healthier and safe.
  • Installing a cooler works out much cheaper than installing air-conditioners.
  • Coolers are easy to maintain, while with air conditioners, regular maintenance is required.
  • The CO2 emissions by coolers are much lower as compared to the emissions of air conditioners.
  • Air conditioners tend to remove moisture from the air, while coolers add the moisture to the air.
  • You are able to keep the window and doors open with coolers, while air conditioners require closed space.


Bringing the temperatures down to a comfortable level is more of a necessity than a luxury. Making this work for you in the most comfortable and easy way is good. Keeping in mind the costs and the different advantages, you will be able to opt for the right one. Few of the benefits of evaporative cooling are listed below:

  1. CostsCosts play an important role in any changes you wish to bring to your life-style. Coolers are definitely more cost effective and can also fulfill your requirement and need of a cool atmosphere in your home. Requiring minimum maintenance, these coolers also cost less for installing. There is definitely a lot of saving involved.
  2. QualityThe quality of air you will be breathing with these coolers is definitely healthier and safer as they circulate the outside air. Being able to operate these coolers with the doors and windows let open, there is no breathing of stale air.
  3. Levels of MoistureUsing the simple technology of injecting moisture in the air, these coolers are able to cool the home or the office by evaporation. The added moisture saves your skin and eyes from drying. This is definitely a benefit to allergic patients, especially those suffering from asthma.
  4. Beneficial to the EnvironmentUsing less energy, these coolers are a great help in the protection of the environment. There is also minimal emission of CO2. Coolers can be less of a hindrance concerning noise pollution. Working with less noise, these coolers go one step ahead in helping the environment.

With all the added benefits of air coolers, it definitely seems to be a wiser choice for cooling your house and office. Less noisy and more cost-effective, besides being healthier and safer, these coolers seem to fit your requirement, and are less harmful.

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