Critical Points to Consider Before You Opt for Split System Installation

Due to unpredictable rise and fall of temperature and humidity in weather, people consider installing air conditioning unit in their homes. The air outside gets hot and cold now and then, and the balance in the temperature and quality of air you breathe is what you need inside your premise. Split system air conditioning is found in many households because of the main reason that it is not as bulky as ducted system and less intrusive. Split system installation is preferred more for commercial as well as residential air conditioning. It is convenient to install, compact, easy to operate and offers good efficient cooling.
However, installing the whole unit yourself will not be seen as a good idea no matter how sound you are in managing other fittings and fixtures of your house. You will need an expert’s help so that you will not encounter any serious problems that may occur due to improper installation.

Split System Installation

Split System Installation

Who should buy split system air conditioner?

Before you make a big decision about purchasing an air conditioner, you must check if the machine will be a suitable option for your air conditioning needs. Your premise structure, its location and interior amenities must go with split system installation idea. Split system is suitable where there is no space for ducted air conditioning. Rental properties are often found compatible for such air conditioning unit because they offer amazing flexibility to mount it into windows or walls directly without much overthinking. Split stand-alone unit has capacity to blow cool air into the room without having to invest great efforts that you need for placing ducts in floor and ceiling in case of ducted air conditioning unit installation.

Another good reason why people don’t choose duct system is that they won’t be able to take it with them when they leave rented property some time later. On the contrary, you can easily detach and reinstall the split unit when you move to new property.

The location choice for smooth installation

  • Avoid installing the unit near any potential heat sources
  • Don’t keep it exposed to direct sunlight
  • Never position it where there is a chance of gas leakage or oil or Sulphur presence
  • Leave at least 6 inch of open space at both sides as well as top of the unit. Also mount the split AC with ground clearance of nearly 7 feet, which is around 2 meters
  • Maintain at least 3 feet of distance from television, home security system, radio, telephones or antenna and power lines as the electric noise coming from them will trouble the operational efficiency of the unit
  • The wall where you hang the unit must be sturdy enough to carry the weight
Split System Installation

Split System Installation

Discuss with an expert

If you are not sure what to inquire or check while taking a decision of split system purchase or split system installation, speak with split air conditioning installation specialist who are qualified to share their expertise with you. They will introduce you to capabilities, efficiency and operations of split AC. If you have found the right expert, you will not be disappointed as they will enlighten you on how it heats and cools the room. Their recommendations and suggestions will help you optimally consumer power and control smooth circulation of the kind of air you expect within your premise.

Technical aspects about split system installation

When installing split system, inspecting certain technical details helps ensure you have performed perfect system installation.

Mounting plate

Check the level of mounting plate to maintain a proper alignment and proper spanning of spots where you drill. It creates perfect environment for fixing the AC on the wall without any problems regarding imbalance or rickety structure.

Electrical connections

Neat and invisible wire connections is the first priority when installing the split AC system. Electrical wire cables must be properly connected to match the diagram of the unit that comes when you buy it.

Outdoor condenser installation

To ensure outdoor unit of split AC functions efficiently, it should be kept away from traffic, massive dust, and hot areas.