DIY Alarm Systems or Professional Installation?

Nowadays, numerous services and products that were previously traditionally handled by professionals are available in a DIY (do-it-yourself) format. Home security alarm systems are no exclusion. These security systems required to be installed. Installation of these systems can be done either by an expert or by the homeowner himself.

The choice usually determines the effectiveness and efficiency of the installation. Both approaches have their advantages and disadvantages. As for these systems are imperative part of your home, it will be a must to ensure it is properly installed. Here are the differences between the two strategies to help you decide which approach will work best.

Alarm Reviews

Alarm Reviews

Do-It-Yourself Installation
DIY Installation primary advantage is cost-effectiveness and convenience. Homeowners don’t have to pay for installation fees nor wait for installer to come. Moreover, DIY installation allows homeowners to reconfigure the equipment or customize it without having to bother the installer. Oftentimes, with DIY installation companies such as Simplisafe, FrontPoint and Protect America, homeowners will own the system or equipment which makes it ideal for mobility purposes especially if the homeowner tend to move out.

Professional Installation
Professional installation is simply perfect for individuals who lack enough time to install the system by themselves and for those who are not fond of DIY tasks. The best part when hiring experts to do installation for you is that you can just sit back, relax and just wait until the installation is finished.

Moreover, you can be ensured that the system is carefully and properly installed. Professional installers usually have adequate knowledge and years of experience on their craft, making the process safer, easier and more efficient.

Nevertheless, there are still some associated drawbacks. Hiring professional installers usually cost expensive upfront installation fees. You also need to book for an appointment with the installer. There will also be lesser control over the system set-up and when you want to move out, you probably have to leave the system or pay for second installation.

If you opt for professional installation, it will be advisable to shop around in numerous different professional installation companies including FrontPoint, ADT, Protect America, Link Interactive, Vivint and more.

Simplisafe vs. ADT
Chances are if you are looking for the best security system, you come across to these two prominent providers. Simplisafe and ADT both offer strong and reliable home security system, which primarily makes them one of the best.

Compared by Alarm Reviews, ADT and Simplisafe appear with their own strength and weakness. ADT has been in the industry for already decades and have established a good reputation through providing cutting-edge product and service to the community. ADT integrates Pulse Automation and uses Honeywell and GE equipment. The equipment upfront cost is around $300-400. Simplisafe, on the other hand, offers a white-labeled equipment which is unique to the company and as their name indicates, their products and service is quite simple.

With plethora of professional installation companies services and home security products available in today’s market, the option may be quite overwhelming. Nevertheless, looking into the companies compared by Alarm reviews, the confusion may gradually be alleviated.

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