DIY Perfect Bedroom for Your Teen

Teenagers bedroom is a sacred space – created for all the secret sharing, daydreaming and too-loud-music-listening teenagers tend to do. This is exactly the reason your teenager bedroom should reflect their personality and be as fun and colorful as it can be.

Also, making it so can be a fun project if you choose to do it yourself, with these creative and easily customizable ideas.

Let’s get crafty

# Magnetic make-up board

Magnetic make-up board

Your teenage girl probably has a lot of make-up laying around, here’s a way to keep it organized and displayed in an original way.

Get a magnetic bulletin board, paint it in your favorite color (you can use brushes or spray paint). Add a frame using hot glue. While you let the paint dry, use hot glue to attach magnets to the bottom of your eye shadows, bronzers and such. It’s important to use hot glue, so u can take them off once the boxes are empty.

When this is done, hang the board on the wall, and arrange your make up collection the way you want it.

# Bed and bed-related projects

Bed has a central role in a room, so try to make it as flashy and interesting as you can. You can get large and comfortable one in a company like Bedworks. Get LED string lights and plug them into a power adapter. The wire is light and easily moldable. Drape a canopy over them and attach it to both sides of the bed. This will be both practical (because it’s an extra light in the room) and pretty to look at

Next – on to the pillows.

Take an ordinary white pillow case and use a sharpie to draw on it. You can draw whatever you like and get as creative as you can (just remembers the colors will blend together when the work is done). Once you’ve done, spray rubbing alcohol on the whole suffice of the pillow case. Once it’s dry, iron it with a hot iron and you got yourself a new look for your bed.

# Jar lights


This is a fairly simple idea, but it adds a lot of magic to the room. Get a couple of ordinary, empty glass jars – just make sure they are clean. Buy some glow-in-the-dark paint in different colors. Use brushes to paint inside of your jars from the bottom up. Best way to do this is making little dots of various sizes.

Let the jars dry off and that’s it.

# Flower monogram

Flower monogram

Get an ordinary foam board or cardboard with a nice frame. Pick the faux flowers in the colors you like.

First of all, remove the flowers from their stems and put them together in a bowl. Then cut the plastic knobs of the flowers as close to the petals as you can.

Make your monogram on a white paper (it can be your kids initials or anything meaningful to you). Cut it out the paper using a scissors, utility knife and a ruler. Use a glue gun to put the glue on several places, so you can cover the whole surface of your new monogram. Gently attach flowers to it.

Once it’s dry hang it up.

# Picture frames

Don’t give up on picture frames – they’re a bit vintage, but Instagram won’t replace them yet.

Get a wooden white picture frame, and draw horizontal lines on it 1 inch apart (use a ruler if you need to). Then do the same diagonally in order to get a pattern. Paint the triangles you created in colors and patterns you like best (just don’t use more than 3 colors for one frame – you don’t want to make it distracting).