Does Your Home Have A Strong Foundation?


Homes need to have a solid foundation in order to remain standing for decades without any problems. Structural engineers need to design the foundations effectively because mistakes at this stage could cause problems for the house once it has been completed.

The house will need to be repaired if the foundations are unstable. There are several warnings signs which will tell homeowners that the house has damaged foundations. Read this helpful guide in order to find out more.

# Spaces Between The Walls And Ceilings

Another clear indication that something has happened to the foundations is if space has developed between the walls and the ceilings. This could cause the ceilings to collapse, so the problem needs to be rectified as soon as possible. Best Bar supply mesh which can be used to correct this problem.

# Uneven Or Sloping Floors

Uneven or sloping floors are one of the most obvious signs that there are problems with the foundations of the house. Test the gradient of the floor with a spirit level, and roll objects along the ground to determine how steep the slope is. Uneven or sloping floors pose a health risk to people when they are walking around the house. Minimise the risk of trips or falls by having the foundations of the house inspected as soon as possible.

# Cracks In The Brickwork

Cracks in the brickwork are another sign that the foundations of the house have started to shift. These cracks can be severe enough to notice at first glance, or they may be more subtle. Cracks in the brickwork can become worse over time if they are not seen to as soon as possible. These cracks may cause heat to escape from inside and allow water to seep into the house from outside.

# Bowing Or Cracked Walls

Cracked or bowed walls inside the house are another sign that the foundations have started to shift. Make sure to have these cracks fixed with reinforcing mesh that is designed to keep walls from collapsing.

# Wall Rotation

Walls can rotate because of the forces which put the house under strain when the foundations shift. Rotated walls will become cracked and damaged as they are shifted out of place. Look out for signs of wall rotation because this is one of the clearest indications that the foundations have become damaged or have started to erode.

# Cracks In The Floor

The floors may become cracked if the foundations are moving. These cracks may be severe, or they may be barely noticeable. Cracks will be more noticeable in floors which are made of wood or linoleum since carpets may hide the appearance of this damage.

# Doors Separating From Walls

Doors can separate from walls when the foundations have shifted. This can cause problems because doors may not close properly or they may fall off their hinges. Make sure to have the foundations inspected if this happens. Walls may need to be reconstructed in order for new doors to be securely fitted.
Use this guide to spotting the signs of foundation damage.