Don’t Fall for These Common Misconceptions About Plumbers

We’re good at avoiding things, aren’t we? We put off going to the doctor because we’re afraid of bad news. We cancel our dentist appointments because we don’t like people touching the insides of our mouths. We put off important repairs because we don’t want to disturb the tranquility of our homes.

A lot of the time, people avoid things because they hold misconceptions. In my experience, I’ve found that people hold a lot of misconceptions about plumbing. So when there’s a problem at home, they avoid calling in the plumbers. They let the problem get worse or try to fix it themselves. Why?

Here are some misconceptions about plumbers I’ve found people to hold!

# Plumbing has extortionate pricing

Many people have the idea that a plumber is going to imaginatively “find some new problems” and back you into a corner for more money. Or that they’ll go ahead with fixes you didn’t request and foot you with the bill along with the fixes you actually requested. Or that they’ll end up charging more than what you initially thought.

Unfortunately, there are certainly people out there who have suffered this problem. In fact, people have had to deal with this kind of thing in all hard labor tasks, such as construction or car repairs. But the people doing this really are in the minority. The vast majority of plumbing companies will give you a quote upfront and stick to that price.

# Plumbers are going to take my property apart!

Some are afraid that calling in a plumber is going to cause more damage than repair it. I’m not quite sure what it is these people are imagining! Do they imagine that all plumbers carry sledgehammers that they’ll use to smash walls apart just so they can fix a minor leak?

Most plumbing work – even the most complex stuff – can be done without exposing the innards of your property. Even underground systems that stretch out from your house and into your garden or front lawn don’t always require floor or land removal to fix. Trenchless sewer repair, for example, is just one of the ways that plumbers can do hardcore work without a lot of mess.

# They’re only doing things I can do myself

When people imagine plumbers, they often imagine what seem to be simple tasks. A tweak with a wrench here, a replacement of a pipe there, that kind of thing. And they get to thinking: How hard can it be, really? Why call in a plumber when I can just search for some DIY instructions online?

I’m not one to tell you that you should never have a go at solving problems yourself. There are a lot of benefits to DIY. There may even be some minor problems that you could fix yourself. But the problem is that the piping system of your house is more complex than you may imagine. And if something does go wrong, you could be looking at extensive water damage. Or, worse, the meeting of water with electricity.

You should do an investigation, but only for the benefit of the plumber. Giving them as much information as you can when you call will help them bring the right tools. (Their vans aren’t bottomless pits of every tool imaginable, after all!) Try to keep it as hands-off as you can. Leave it to the experts!

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