Don’t Get Locked Out Again: The Key Things To Remember

Unless you’re one of those very lucky people for whom things never go wrong, you’ll have spent some of your life locked out of somewhere. House, car, workplace or garage, you’ll be familiar with the experience. It’s one of those endlessly stressful experiences that no-one ever wants to repeat. The moment it happens, we will tell ourselves straight: “This must never happen again, I’ll be careful from now on!”.

Now, hands up if it has happened again to you. I’m expecting that there will be a lot of hands showing right now, because let’s face it, you didn’t deliberately get locked out first time. People make mistakes. You’re in a rush, and you don’t do all the checks you normally would. You’re half asleep and your keys are in your jacket, inside. Or you’re naturally disorganised and, with the best will in the world, this happens.


Being locked out of your property is a very disempowering feeling. You think about ways around it. “I’ll just call my spouse and get them to bring a spare. Oh, my phone is in the car I’m locked out of.” That kind of thing. You’d like to sit somewhere warm and wait for a locksmith or mechanic, but you can’t because you are locked out. It’s endlessly frustrating, and getting it sorted out can end up taking hours.

While human nature is such that we will continue to get locked out of things until locks cease to exist, there are things that we can put in place. These can make it easier to deal with lock-outs, prevent them from happening to begin with or shorten the time they take to resolve. And as anyone who has experienced the above nightmare can tell you, that’s a major relief.

Locked Out Of Your Home?

Most homes have a fairly simple lock system, which requires the use of a basic key. Getting a new one cut takes a matter of minutes and doesn’t cost much at all. You’ve probably had it done yourself. The weird thing is, we almost always just get one or two copies. Given the low cost of this process, doesn’t it make sense to get five or six spares?


Then, hide a couple outside in spots you’ll remember but possible intruders won’t guess at. It’s simple, it’s analog, but it works. And it will make a big difference should you get locked out in future. If you have a more complicated locking system, it may cost more to get duplicates. You should still make sure you have at least one spare in any case. An emergency locksmith can get quite expensive.

Locked Out Of Your Car?

The standard these days is to sell all new cars with one key fob and a spare. Now, could you say right this moment where your spare car key is? If you can, that’s great. If not, then you are advised to find that duplicate and guard it with your life. Additionally, you might be best advised to get another spare. Usually, we keep one at home, but if you lose your key when you are far away, what do you do?


It can never hurt to have a spare key to keep somewhere safe where you will always be able to access it. If your most common journey is to work, for example, keep the duplicate in your desk drawer or locker. Speak to a key fob duplication service today to find out if they can clone your key and get a quote. This will then help you out if you find yourself patting your pockets at the end of a long day and your keys aren’t there.

Car keys will cost more to get cloned than spare house keys. Partly, this is because they are a lot more advanced. Partly it is because no-one can take your house and drive away in it, so there’s a lot more jeopardy involved. But it makes sense to get a duplicate now, before you have to, rather than waiting for the emergency callout and paying a higher fee.

What You Need To Know

The legality of cloning keys is not a cut-and-dried issue. For obvious reasons, a duplication service will not clone your keys just because you ask them to. You’ll need to provide some proof that they key is yours before they’ll do anything with it.

Additionally, there are some keys you can’t get copied. for example you use a key card for access at work, you cannot get a copy of this from a duplication service. If you work in local government and require a card to get in and out, as well as to access your computer, they won’t clone that. The reasons for this are fairly clear: these are cards you have to turn in when you leave a job. If you keep spare copies, that isn’t great in the eyes of the law.

Keys and locks provide security, and for that reason we cannot expect that spare keys will be handed out on a whim. We cannot expect that locksmiths will gain entry for us without seeing some ID first, either. It is therefore necessary that we take an element of responsibility for our access and security.

If you’re forgetful and often forget work access cards, then it’s something you need to address with your employer. Unfortunately, former employees with a grudge sometimes return to their workplace to address it. Would you want to be in a workplace that anyone could gain access to?

No-one likes to be locked out. Sitting on the outside, waiting to get in, you will blame yourself and the worst thing is that you’re at the mercy of others. By taking some ownership of the possibility before it happens, you give yourself a chance of not having to go through that again. Once you leave your home or your car, it needs to be locked. With the right actions, you can make sure that that security is not at the expense of your convenience or comfort.