Don’t Make These Silly Mistakes When Protecting Your Home

Whether you’ve lived in a property for 20 minutes or 20 years, it won’t feel like home until it’s safe. Quite frankly, you can never be too protective when your family are at risk. Meanwhile, the house is your most prized financial asset also.

In truth, all homeowners will be eager to protect their properties. However, the problems don’t arise from a lack of trying. They suffer from making very simple errors of judgement. Going the extra mile to avoid those issues will keep your home safe. Moreover, it will give your family the peace of mind you deserve. As they say, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

# CCTV Monitoring

Adding CCTV has become commonplace in the modern homeowner’s protection plan. When combined with the more traditional alarm systems, it should go a long way to keeping intruders at bay. But you can, and should, take it one step further.

Wireless cameras can be monitored from anywhere in the world, meaning you can even keep your mind at ease on holiday. Another fantastic trick is to position motion-sensor cameras inside the home too. By sending notifications directly to your phone, you’ll always be ahead of the game. Hopefully, those systems won’t ever be used. But if they are, it’s good to know you have them in place.

# Protecting Openings

If burglars are going to enter your home, they’re going to get through an opening. After all, they can’t just walk through brick walls. Therefore, windows and doors should be considered a priority. If you have just moved in, calling a locksmith is advised. It’s not that the previous owners are a danger, but you’ll never know whether they lost keys during their time as owners. For peace of mind, it’s worth the small investment.

Windows are probably the more common worry. Let’s face it; paying for a window lock to be fixed can feel like a major hassle. But take a second to consider the damage that could occur. You’ll soon make the right decision.

# Building Security

It’s only natural to worry about the danger of outside intruders. In truth, though, you are far more likely to suffer damage to the building. And the probability of this occurring will shoot through the roof if you overlook the importance of general maintenance.

The key focus is to spot problems early and act accordingly. Roofing problems are a common issue that could lead to major hassle while leaks and other household problems should be fixed ASAP. This guide on common DIY tasks should come in handy. But even if you call an expert, a stitch in time saves nine.

# Garden Safety

Protecting your property is the priority, but you can’t afford to forget the external areas either. For starters, it’s easier for thieves to target this location. Perhaps more significantly, the space could come under threat from various bugs and critters. Take the necessary precautions to prevent these issues, and you will not regret it.

Once the weather changes, you need to ensure that gutters are kept clear of falling leaves too. If you’re going to protect the property, then you need to protect all of it. And that includes the garden. It really is that simple.

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