Easy Ways To Make Your Garden Unique

If you’ve moved house and your new garden is a blank canvas, or you fancy revamping your outdoor space, you’ve come to the right place. Spring is here. What better time of year to treat your garden to some TLC, and inject some personality to create a unique space? If you’re looking for easy ways to set your garden apart from the crowd, here are some top tips:


# Turf wars

If you’re not a fan of turf, you don’t have to have a grass-covered garden. There are so many different options out there. Section off an area of turf and combine it with gravel or wooden decking. Tear up the entire lawn, and put down bark chippings or pebbles. Use concrete and raised brick-built beds to make distinctive zones. Create a rock garden, or add a pond. You don’t have to have a pristine lawn, just because it’s popular. Look for inspiration online, and don’t be afraid to be a little different.

# Personalization

Many of us have framed prints and personalized mugs and cushions indoors, but what about your garden? You can carry the theme outside by using personalized garden benches, or storing your garden tools in an initialled crate. Another way to make your garden more personal is to use items from your home or your travels as ornaments or design features. You could convert a vintage trunk into an eye-catching planter, for example. If you fell in love with Morocco or the Orient, why not use inspiration from your adventures? Add jewel coloured leather bean bags and wrought iron candlesticks to lift plain decking.

# Entertaining

If you enjoy having family and friends over, there is so much scope to incorporate quirky touches. Build your own bar and adorn it with a retro neon sign. Add a hot tub to your decking, or create a freeform plunge pool. Hang coloured lanterns from a gazebo or put up some bunting. Set up a chill out zone with a rattan sofa, draped material and outdoor candles. Swap traditional tables and chairs for a pod, a teepee or a teardrop swing chair. Add some funky outdoor lighting to get the party started, or create ambiance in tranquil areas with twinkling fairy lights. Finally, hook up an outdoor sound system.


# Make your garden fun

If you have children, they’re probably counting down the days until they can spend lazy weekends in the garden. Having kids and grandkids is the perfect excuse to make your garden fun. Embrace your inner sports fan and make a putting green, or a mini karting track. Create a small-scale adventure playground with wobbly bridges and climbing frames. Make a rope swing, or a children’s vegetable garden. Convert a disused shed into a Wendy house, or use your creativity and DIY skills to knock up a tree house.

Whether you’re a keen gardener or a design guru, a little imagination can go a long way when it comes to designing a unique garden. If you’re eager to create a garden that stands out, think outside the box and be creative. Search for ideas online and in magazines and mix and match styles and themes to come up with your own winning formula.