Everything You Should Know about Concrete Grinding and Polishing

What is concrete grinding?

Concrete grinder is basically a construction and cleaning machine which used to grind down the concrete surface with metal and resin bonds. It is used for the shining purposes. If you use this grinder on your floor then it can quickly make the floor smooth and scratch-free and it works with diamond resin materials, so the ultimate floor shining looks come out gradually.

cleaning floor with machine

Types of concrete grinder:

  • Like sand paper, concrete grinders come in different grits.
  • Mostly it’s available from 16 grits to 3000 grits.
  • These different grits basically works for shining purposes.
  • If you want to clean your floor and make it shine then you can use less grits but it is highly recommended to use maximum grits to make your floor shine like a diamond.

How to polish your concrete floor?

Nature of the floor: firstly, you need to examine the floor surface. The hardness of the floor is very important in this case because if the hardness level of your floor is high then you need to polish it with more grits. It is suggested to test the floor surface with MOHS concrete hardness tester. In this manner, you can consult with some professional services because they are experienced and trained in this sector. These services are available online also and you can consult with them and take their advice accordingly.

Floor preparing: before starting the polishing system you need to clean the surface neatly. If your floor is having cracks then you need to fill up these portions first and then you can start the polishing process. Otherwise, if you have some minor blemishes on the floor then you cannot start the floor grinding process.

Grinding: after examining the floor thoroughly you can start the grinding process with diamond abrasives and metal bonds. Generally the grinding processes need two to three times grinding but it depends on the hardness of the surface. Until the shining effects come, you need to continue the process.

Density: after grinding the floor, you need to apply some chemical hardener on the floor because it can prevent the water penetration and staining. There are many types of liquid solutions available as a density shiner but it is suggested to use some branded one and if you have any doubt then you can consult with some company from this sector. These shiners must be compatible with the floor surface because it depends on the hardness of the floor.

Switch to the next grits: when you apply the first and second grinding polishing you can easily understand the shinning level and you can determine the further requirement also. You have to run the grinding machine step by step until the favorable shining has to come. Basically these processes need experience because technical hands can easily find and examine the floor surface hardness and use the grinding process according to the exact demand. In this section, you can consult with some grinding and polishing company which are offer this service at affordable rate and make your floor shine professionally.

Stain guard: at the last stage, after completing your floor shining and grinding you need to apply some stain guard on the floor. It can prevent oil, grease, stain and dust. They are mostly applied by wax machine or a sprayer. This solution work as a guard and it can prevent any types of stains of the floor.

Professional help:

The grinding and polishing of the floor is not an easy process and it is impossible without any professional help. But when you hire some professional, you need to verify their experiences, previous work and compare the pricing with more than one company. If you still want to know more then contact J’s Magic Floors, one of the top quality providers of flooring solutions in Melbourne.

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