First Impressions Count: Sprucing Up Your Front Garden


It’s not always convenient, but first impressions count. Any time you come into contact with something new, you start forming presentiments about it within seconds. The exact same thing happens with your home, too! Your front garden is going to be the first thing any new guests see of your home. Make sure you’re giving them the best impression possible with these handy tips.


My first piece of advice is to limit the amount of plants you have in the front. Some people, when looking to improve the look of their front garden, will go absolutely crazy with the plants. It’s easy to assume that more is better, but I urge you to be careful. With too many different plants, the front of a house can end up looking disorganised and garish. At the most, limit yourself to 6 different perennials, and three different shrubs. Try to keep each plant to its own little cluster as well. This way, you’ll achieve the look of a single, well-planned garden. Oversaturate it with plant life, and you’ll create what looks like several gardens mashed together!


My next tip is to exhibit the door. In any front garden, the door of your house should be the focal point. Make sure you organise things so that your eye is naturally drawn towards it. A walkway is probably the most effective way of doing this. Keeping it wide at the edge of the garden, and making it grow progressively narrow towards the door is an easy and effective design touch. If you’re lucky enough to have a long, sweeping walkway, make sure that none of the curves block a visitor’s view from the front door. Installing some lighting either side of the door is another effective way of exhibiting it at night. Finally, consider adding a few ornaments, or matching pot plants right on the porch.


My last tip is to prepare your front garden for the whole year. Cold weather isn’t any excuse for a poorly-kept lawn! Some people will buy a selection of wonderful plants for the summer, which all die as soon as winter rolls around. I’m sure you don’t want to deal with this kind of frustration, so prepare for it! Get some evergreen shrubs and trees that will look great all year round. The lawn makes up the bulk of your front garden, so don’t forget it! If you know your lawn suffers in winter, then consider permeable pavement with some artificial grass. I know this is kind of cheating, but the quality of fake grass is really something these days! If you want a sure-fire way to keep your garden vibrant in the winter, then get a crab apple tree. These stay in bloom through the winter, and will attract a wonderful selection of birds to your front yard.

There you have three of the best ways to create a gorgeous front garden. Follow this advice, and you’ll have a brilliant foundation for more creativity. From there, it’s all up to you!