Getting the Best Out of Your Air Conditioning

When the summer approaches, many of us find some affordable ways to stay cool, air conditioning is recognized as the most common cooling solution. Air conditioners can provide the comfort that you need during the hot season. Air conditioners work just like a cooling process that occurs when water vaporizes from our skin. Basically, the air conditioners move heat from inside your house to outside, keeping your home cool. The vaporization coil contains liquid (called as a refrigerant) which gets converted into the gas when it takes in the heat from surrounding environment. The coolant or refrigerant is passed through a separate coil where it converts into liquid. The coil through which the conversion takes place is called condenser. A pump, commonly known as the compressor is used as the medium for the movement of refrigerant between evaporation coil and condenser. The energy is supplied to perform this whole operation using a motor.

How to maximize the efficiency of Air Conditioning:

Unlike most electrical appliances, air conditioning units involve complex mechanical systems that depend on various factors to operate correctly. A lot of things can go wrong, such as load, refrigerant charge, an amount of airflow.

Points in mind to maximize the efficiency of your air conditioner

  • Ventilation:  Role of an ideal air conditioner is to heat, cool, humidify, dehumidify, and ventilate the surrounding as needed to enhance comfort. Lack of ventilation results in the generation of contamination, which in turn leads to severe health problems and discomfort. Ventilation helps to exchange the heat between inside and outside the house. Also, do not keep any doors and windows open, as conditioned air can escape through. So, proper ventilation is the most important thing to consider.
  • Clean or change the filters regularly: Maximum airflow indicates maximum air conditioning efficiency. A dirty filter not only reduces the quality of indoor air but also minimizes the airflow and puts more load on air conditioner impacts and hamper its performance. To avoid such situation, keep cleaning or changing air filters regularly. You can check the instructions on user manual to know when and how exactly to change the air filter. Air filters are much cheaper and you can easily afford one.
  • Keep an eye on ducts: Duct leakage is another reason for decreased performance of air conditioners. They can cause the problem, if moved beyond the cooled environment such as attics, garages, etc. Well-insulated ducts sustain the performance of air conditioning. Several products are available in insulating ducts to prevent leakage. If the ducts are reachable, you can seal them using mastic, otherwise, it is best to seek help from professionals. Prevention of duct leakage significantly increases the capacity of the air conditioner.
  • Lighten the load: You can increase the performance and efficiency of your air conditioner by decreasing the amount of work it must perform, by enhancing the infrastructure or decreasing the internal loads that your air conditioner must deal with. When building a new house, invest on high-efficiency materials and products; this turns to be cost effective in the long run. You can reduce internal loads by turning off non-essential electrical appliances.
  • Regular maintenance: Professional contractor can make sure your air conditioning unit is in perfect condition and working at expected efficiency level. Regular cleaning of coils blows off the dirt and obstructions. Routine maintenance such as cleaning and changing the air filters can be done by most of the consumers itself, but other working parts require professional care.

So, the above points should be considered to maximize the cooling efficiency of the air conditioner.

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