Give Your Home an Instant Makeover With Beautiful & Functional Rugs

You don’t need to spend a fortune to update your home. You don’t need to take apart everything and replace it to upgrade your room. A simple colorful rug can change the look of your room. You can buy a bright colored rug to update your otherwise dull room or buy a rug that will blend in with the furniture and draperies. The choice is yours. With the wide variety of rugs available, choosing the right one can be a daunting task.


How to choose the right rug?

Rugs are available in woolen, cotton, fabric, silk or synthetic material. You may want to choose an area rug for high traffic regions such as your kitchen. Here the rug used should be a sturdy one which should be easy to clean. The same goes for bathroom rugs. You will want to buy a rug that is non skid so that you don’t have bathroom accidents. The rug should be able to withstand humidity and it should be easy to wash. Choose a beautifully patterned rug for your living or dining area. A bedroom rug should come in soothing colors with soft and plush feel.

Apart from providing a comforting look and feel and guarding your precious feet against the cold floor, rugs can also be used to cover a stained or damaged floor. There are wide ranges of rug styles available in the market and you will be spoilt for choice from traditional to contemporary to oriental and transitional.

Rugs can be bought online or from rugs section of supermarkets or retail stores selling carpets and rugs. Alternately, you can buy wholesale rugs from wholesale shops which offer rugs at considerably lower prices.

Before you go out to buy rugs, it is advisable to take measurement of the area. Consider the trim too. Most rugs are available in square, rectangle or oval shapes. You can also get custom made rugs for the size, shape and material you want in, though these may be slightly expensive. You can choose the dimensions, the color, the texture and the material have a custom made rug to suit your taste. Construction and resizing may require you to choose between tufted or weaved rugs.

At times, it so happens that you end up buying rug that you loved and thought would fit in the room or passage way. However, on coming home, you realize that the rug doesn’t fit in. In such cases, rug alterations or resizing can be an option. You can do these alterations yourself if it is a small or cheap rug but you would want professional help if your rug is made of wool or silk or even an otherwise synthetic but expensive rug. For otherwise, you may end up cutting wrong, leaving frayed edges which can damage your rug, or cut along the edge leaving an unbalanced pattern. Professional rug alterations can easily cut your rug to the required size in order to accommodate columns or tables, provide openings for electrical sockets etc. and rebound the new cut edges to your satisfaction, while maintaining the pattern of the rugs.

Sometimes, you like a rug but it is not big enough to cover the area you want or a big rug that is not available in a smaller size. In both these cases, rug alterations can save the day. You may join two small rugs together or cut up the larger one to suit your space. In all alterations, ensure that whatever you do – join or cut- it should not decrease the life of the rug.

So go ahead and invest in a rug and change the feel of your room. If you want to know more then you can also  go through this link for getting more ideas about verities of rugs.

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