Give Your Living Room a Stunning Look with These 5 Tips

Living room

While some people see interior design as a sort of a mystic art that only few chosen can master, in reality this isn’t exactly a rocket science. Sure, not everyone is as gifted for home decoration, but by learning few useful tricks anyone could make a significant improvement inside of their own homes. To make the long story short, here are five tips that could completely transform your living room and give it a stunning look without having to spend a single dollar on a professional designer.

#1. Accent Painting

There is no easier way to give your home a complete makeover than to just paint it. Nonetheless, this would mean a lot of work, or a lot of money in case you decide to go with commercial painters. In order to make most of these things less strenuous, all you need to do is go with accent painting. What this means is that instead of painting the entire room all you need to do is paint a single wall. Of course, this wall can’t be chosen on random. Your best bet would be to go with a wall behind a focal point of the room (a TV, fireplace or an art piece).

#2. Open Floor Organization

At the moment, the trend of open floor is all the rave in the world of interior design. Luckily, this gives you two completely new options when it comes to decoration. First, you get to use a same pattern in most of your house, which can give you results that are quite surprising. Second, you get to organize your space as you see fit. Instead of using walls to physically separate the rooms, what you do is use area rugs as islands around which separate spaces of the room revolve.

#3. Manipulate the Size

Physically, the only way to make your room taller is through an expensive construction project, luckily, those who know how optical illusions work, have the ability to make their rooms smaller or taller at wish. For example, choosing furniture with vertical pattern can elongate the room, while adding a low hanging chandelier can make it appear smaller. According to one of the most renowned curtains Perth based retailers, the lenght of a curtain can also have an effect on how tall the room appears.

#4. Play with Natural Light

Even though people spend hours, days and weeks choosing the right fixture for their home (tall lamps, downlights, chandeliers or all of the above), they usually don’t pay much attention to natural light. This is a critical mistake seeing how apart from saving you quite a bit of power, daylight is vital for the mental health of all inhabitants. For starters, you should let as much of it inside of your home as possible. This can be achieved by making your windows as large as possible and by enhancing the illumination with the help of mirrors.

#5. Conversation Instead of Tech-Oriented

The problem with most living rooms is that they are tech oriented. How so? Well, 90 percent of living rooms in 2017 have a TV as a focal point. In order to step out of this cliché and make your living room completely unique, you might want to turn it into a tech-free area. In this way, you can make it into a place where family or friends bond through conversation and spend some quality time together, like it was always supposed to be.

# In Conclusion

Finally, you need to behave as if you never saw an interior style or theme in your life. You see, if two items go well together, it is completely irrelevant if they belong to a same era or to a same geographic region. Once you are done decorating, all you need to do is take a look at your room and you will instantly know how well this project of yours went. If you are stunned by what you see, then this can be considered a job well done, no question about it.

Author bio:
Steven Clarke is business consultant and a DIY enthusiast. When not working on new projects, he likes to spend his time in the great outdoors.