Home Improvement: Cheap And Easy Fixes That Will Add Value

You have to make changes if you want to sell your home. It is the first rule of selling a property. The issue that you will have is your budget. To get a house ready to sell, you have to spend quite a bit of money. Renovations don’t come cheap, and they are hard to compromise on unless you have the right knowledge. After all, you can’t fake a conservatory or a spare bedroom.But, you don’t have to have a spare bedroom or a conservatory to add value to your house. Houses are more than a collection of features, or at least that is what people like to think. As long as the house represents the buyer’s preferences, the value of the property will increase. And, not everyone wants a grandiose feature to spark their curiosity. In fact, it only takes a few basic methods to spark a browser’s curiosity, and you can find them below.

# Make The Kitchen Cook

The kitchen is the heart of the home. Even by today’s standards, families will sit down in the kitchen and eat. Most families will also bond and socialize in the kitchen. Plus, it is the place where people congregate when you have them round for dinner or a party. There isn’t a room that is as important barring the bathroom. People can be particular about the bathroom! Obviously, you don’t want to buy a new kitchen to make it look nice. But, you also shouldn’t rule it out because there are cheap kitchens that look modern and stylish. If you can’t find them, however, you should concentrate on cleaning up any mess. Also, put a lot of emphasis on the fittings and fixtures. Cabinet doors, for example, only need a lick of paint to look new and fresher than before.

# Match The Appliances

Kitchens tend to look unruly if you have a mixture of different materials all in one place. A contemporary kitchen can have everything from carpet to stainless steel masquerading together. The lack of a color scheme isn’t something that buyers like because it looks mismatched. On the whole, mismatched means that the kitchen needs work. With that in mind, try and match the appliances with the rest of the room. If you have steel or silver fittings, then you should buy steel appliances. It is much cheaper to replace the appliances than it is the oven.

# Give The Bath A Makeover

It was mentioned before, but it is worth saying again: bathrooms are an important room in the house. For whatever reason, buyers don’t want a bathroom that is nothing less than perfect. That means you will need to get it into shape before you try and sell your house for good. Instead of ripping the entire room, concentrate on the basics. The flooring is a good start. Tile and vinyl floors not only look modern, but they are also easy to clean. Then there is the bath and shower. A bath will start to look mangy after a while as the water and dirt build. A regular clean won’t do much, but an old-fashioned scrub will lift a lot of the grime. As long as you use a strong cleaner, the bath will sparkle afterward. Finally, don’t forget about the toilet seat. Toilets are expensive, which means you don’t want to replace one. The seats are quite cheap in contrast. It is only a small change, but it makes a big difference to the overall style.

# Repair Anything That Is Broken

You would think that this tip goes without saying, but you underestimate the persistence of property buyers. What you think looks fine, they can see through like they have x-ray vision. They will find things that you don’t even know are broken, and that leaves a bad taste in the mouth. To combat them, you have to think like them. Turn over every stone and look for any repairs that need fixing. Once you have them, perform emergency DIY. You might want to call a professional, yet that will cost. As long as the job isn’t major, you should be able to fix it alone.

# Give The Walls A Lick Of Paint

There is nothing more useful to the frugal renovator than a tin of paint. Why? Paint is useful because it adds gloss and shine to the house. As a result, the property begins to look fresh and vivid instead of tired and old. The great thing about paint is that it doesn’t cost much to buy. Yes, a few tins will set you back a little bit of cash. However, the cost is minimal compared to hiring a painter and decorator. All you have to do is find the right paint, and you can transform your home. It is a good idea to try a new color to give the property an edge. Bright, vivid colors often work best, especially as summer is only a few weeks away. Don’t just put it on the walls either as paint works on almost anything that looks worn. From cabinet doors to the railings on the stairs, there isn’t much paint won’t fix.

# Varnish The Wood

With that in mind, it isn’t a very good idea to paint wood. For wood, you need to use a varnish to make it gleam. Varnishes are especially good with regards to wood as they soak into the material. Once fully soaked, they give off deep, dark warmth that makes wood so popular in houses. Even in modern houses, there are plenty of beams and floors that implement dead trees. It is also pertinent to chink the wood if you know how to chink. Chink is a sealant that stops any outside elements eroding the material. Ultimately, all you need is the right kind of chink to secure and clean the wood.

# Set Up Extra Storage

Old houses and new houses are notorious for a lack of storage space. And, you can bet that it is one the first questions a viewer asks when they walk through the door. No one wants to cram their valuables into small spaces, which is why you need more room. To start with, organize your current storage space. You will find that space will appear out of nowhere when you throw unnecessary items in the garbage. It is possible to hire storage space, but that is costly. Plus, what will you do with your items if they don’t fit in your new home? Seriously, hoarders need to think twice before they put their property on the market! If nothing turns up, you can create storage space. ‘Do-it-yourself’ wire is all you need to make space in any room in the house.

# Add A Room

Forget about adding a basement because that will cost you anywhere up to $50,000. What you want to add is a new bedroom or a study. In fact, a bedroom is the best bet because they add the most value. So, if you have a study, take the computer and leather bound books to the storage unit and replace them with a mattress. You might have another option even if you don’t have a study. Do you have a garage? Well, that is a good a space as any to makeover. Garages tend to have large open spaces that make them perfect for big bedrooms. And, it is all the rage at the minute to sleep downstairs for some strange reason. All you have to worry about is a parking space for the car. But, even that isn’t much of a hassle if you live in a safe neighborhood. As long as it has an alarm, you will hear it from your property.

# Curb Appeal

So far, every tip is looking at the interior of your house. While the interior is important, it isn’t the only important aspect. The exterior of your home is just as important if you want to make a good impression. The exterior is the first thing buyers see when they get out of the car, and that first impression will affect their judgment. If they don’t like it for whatever reason, they won’t make a bid. For that reason, you need to get your garden or yard in order. Make sure that it is clean and in an orderly manner. Otherwise, it will draw curious glances from the viewers. There is no excuse for a garden to look untidy because you only need to cut the grass. As long as the lawn is trim, the entire garden looks neat and tidy. You can add a few accessories like a flower bed or a shed to enhance the look. Also, you might want to consider a fence. Not only does a fence add contrast, but it also adds security. Plus, it plays on the cliché of a house with the white picket fence.

As you can see, you don’t need to spend a fortune to add value. All you need to know are the tricks of the trade. And, now that you do, you should make a tidy profit.

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