Hose Wire Whipping and its Multiple Applications

A hose wire whip is the perfect choice when you decide to water several plants in your garden, or, if you want to keep fire at bay, during any fire hazard. The use of wire whip has also become prominent in the gas, fuel and the heavy industries sector, where these are used to transport liquids, fuel and even chemicals from one place to another:

Hose Wire Whip

Hose Wire Whip

  • Good quality wire whip requires extremely less maintenance and the space occupied by this whip is also very small.
  • When hose couplings are made of plastic, they cannot withstand, high pressure exerted by the liquids, but these wire whip couplings are more durable, as they are made of metals. This can easily be soldered to get the desired length, and it is a cost-effective investment from an industrial point of view.

Specifications of whips and their varieties:

  • You will find a variety of wire whip, and each has different shapes depending on the function.
  • Balloon whip is the most popular type of whip. The shape of the balloon is given by making use of flexible wires.
  • The next important whisk or whip is French whisk. It is made up of series of overlapped flexible wires that unite together at the handle. It is longer and narrower in shape.
  • Spiral whisk has a rounded loop, and a wire is curl around it. The whisk has angled head.
  • Ball whisk resembles retro lighting fixture and it has not loops. It comprises a sequence of individual wires with a ball bearing at the end of each wire.
  • Coil whisk has one single wire that is corkscrews to a round shape.
  • Cage whisk almost resembles the balloon whisk and consists of a small ball-shaped cage of wire made of round wire, and it also has a metal ball inside the cage.
Wire Whipping

Wire Whipping

How to maintain the hose wire whip?

It is very important to maintain the hose wire whop, to ensure its longevity:

  • Cleaning and drying the whip is essential, as specks of dust and heavy grime can actually make it ineffective and its durability gets reduced.
  • In temperature zones which are freezing cold, it must be ensured that the hose wire whip and the hose couplings do not have any drop of water clinging on to them. This can make them rusty and they do not last long. The pipe can expand and contract and the quality of the wire whip can also get damaged.
  • The hose wire whipping should be kept in normal temperature, and not under scorching sunlight, as this may damage the wires and the whop can also break.

What are the advantages of wire whipping and hose coupling?

The best part is that, a wire whip is made of metal, so it is very durable, and it lasts for a long time. It is not prone to rusting, and you can easily use this for transporting even the most hazardous chemicals. You can also get customized varieties of wire whipped products, which will be in accordance with the current industry standards. They prevent any oil spill or chemical spill, for which you can use them for long-distance transportation purpose.

You can get the best varieties of wire whip from your local hardware store, but you can also consult with the wire whip wholesalers or dealers, to get your best deal. 

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