House Remodeling Inside Out: What You Should Know

There is no such thing as a perfect house, at least not unless you make it so. Even if you have bought a brand-new home where no one has ever lived before you, not everything will be according to your likings. And if you have been living in the same house for a long time, the chances are that it is a bit worn out or in need of an upgrade. However, remodeling is not something that should be done helter-skelter. It is a huge decision that will require a lot of time, money and patience. If you decide to renovate inside out, here are some things you should know.

# Set up a budget

Don’t start remodeling recklessly. Setting up a precise budget will help you choose the projects you can afford, so that you leave nothing unfinished. However, you should still count on some unpleasant surprises along the way (e.g. while remodeling the basement you may notice supporting wall issues), so always count in more money than you think you need. If you have to choose between some projects, determine your priorities based on functionality and return on investment.

# Find good contractors

Hiring contractors just because they charge less than their competitors is a bad idea. Sure, the price is an important factor, but it shouldn’t be the decisive one. The quality of their work is far more important, so browse through some online reviews or ask for a word-of-mouth recommendation from your friends and neighbors.

# Be open and communicate

Once you find commendable workforce, you should convey your goals at the very beginning, but also listen to their ideas and comments. Being open and honest doesn’t mean basing your relationship on a handshake. Formulate a specific contract before they start working.

# Do the projects that pay off

It is highly likely that once you see how much money you need for the remodeling material and contractors, you’ll realize that you can’t afford to do everything. The easiest way to decide what to do is by checking which projects bring you the biggest ROI.

# Indoor projects that pay off

  • Kitchen remodeling is one of the best projects to take on. Even with a minor renovation, you can recoup about 80% of the invested money if you decide to sell. Some small-scale projects are in the domain of DIY (e.g. painting the cabinets, and replacing the handles and pulls).
  • Bathroom remodeling is also a good idea, and bathroom addition could attract many potential buyers, as well.
  • An attic/basement room.

# Outdoor projects that pay off

  • Pool remodeling: a bucket of swimming pool paint, bushes and a rock border will make an old, worn-out pool much more attractive. You can also add a wooden deck around it.
  • A wooden deck next to the house is not a bad call either.
  • Replacing your front doors and windows can also be a good decision, not only because of the aesthetics, but also because of energy-efficiency.
  • Sealing the cracks on the exterior wall and painting it is quite affordable, but it can make a huge difference, especially when it comes to first impressions.
  • Landscaping: Finally, planting some lush green grass, bushes and flowers will make your outdoors much more appealing. You can also build pathways, and improve the appearance of your driveway, by using a sealer.

Don’t be intimidated by these tips and information. Just decide about your priorities, find good workers and let things take their course. Be prepared that nothing will ever happen the way you’ve expected and when you’ve expected it to happen, but it will, nevertheless, happen.