How impact windows are different from standard glass


How are impact windows different than standard glass, and what are the benefits of installing these? Impact windows distinguish themselves from standard glass windows structurally. Essentially, impact windows provide the protection a structure needs in the event of a hurricane or high speed wind.

These windows are composed of shatter resistant glass that is fastened on to a heavy aluminum frame securely. When standard glass windows are broken, they will fracture into large, sharp, and dangerous fragments. Impact windows, on the other hand, are designed to catch any piece of outer glass that breaks, preventing significant damage to your home.

Windows play an essential role in the structural integrity of a property. However, the type of window you choose to have installed also influences the security, lighting and inside temperature of a home, as well as its overall appearance.

Impact windows offer much more security for your home compared to standard glass windows. The two layers of glass with a PVB interlayer make attempted break-ins virtually impossible. Impact windows broward will also preserve the appearance of your home. Unlike standard glass, laminated impact windows block ninety nine percent of ultraviolet light. This protection prevents any damage that ultraviolet light may cause, such as discoloration of your possessions or fading of furniture, yet there is no noticeable reduction of light flowing in to your home with these windows.

impact windows

Impact windows also provide convenience and noise reduction that standard glass cannot provide. Owners of homes with impact windows can rest easy knowing that their property is protected from extreme weather like hurricanes at all times. There is no need to rush back home whenever a storm approaches. The extra layers of impact windows also reduce noise caused by neighbors or nearby intersections of highways much more efficiently than standard glass windows.

Hurricane windows regulate inside temperature, preventing outside heat or cold transferring in to the house interior. This leads to energy efficiency and less money spent each month on air conditioning or heat because less air is escaping or entering the property.

Another difference between standard glass windows and impact windows is the initial cost. On average, standard glass windows may cost you less than having impact windows installed. However if you were to consider the long term savings, you would realize that impact windows will save you more money all told due to their energy efficiency.

Impact windows offer convenience, security and temperature regulation that standard glass windows just cannot offer. There is less maintenance required of impact windows and less time you will have to spend worrying about protection in a hurricane or high speed wind. Don’t wait until it is too late to get impact windows, and start saving money on your energy bills today.