How Timber Doors and Windows Are Better Than the PVC Door or Window Panels

Timber Windows and Doors

Timber Windows and Doors

Previously, the doors and the windows were mainly built with timber or any good variety of wood. But now, many people prefer to use the manmade PVC-u panels for their doors and windows. PVC or Polyvinyl Chloride is created to use very stable doors and windows, with varieties of designs and colours. But this chemical material is mainly preferred due to its cheap cost, which is much lower than timber or any other material. Still, there are many people who debate over the superiority of the timber windows and doors over PVC made ones.

Comparison between timber made and PVC windows and doors

  • Appearance –

The well polished timber windows and doors look more elegant than the PVC made building parts, in any traditional house or modern flat. Moreover, various artistic designs can be curved over the timber panels, enhancing the beauty of the whole house. These wooden doors and windows can also be coloured, as per the colour scheme of the house, or the choice of the house owners. But the PVC-u cannot be coloured further, as it is already available in a small range of colours; thus the personal requirements cannot be fulfilled.


  • Durability –

As timber is a natural hardwood with high density, it is much more resistant to any kind of damage. But PVC-u is a much lighter material than timber and thus, less durable, compared to the former. Nowadays, the timber is laminated, for giving better longevity to this material.


  • Costs –

Though the PVC-u is much cheaper than timber, the better durability of timber panels justify their higher prices. Moreover, the houses with timber-made doors and windows can be sold with much higher resale value, as the property value increases due to the installation of these high quality wooden doors.


  • Warranty –

As the timber is more durable than PVC-u, the warranty period for timber panels is minimum 30 years; while the PVC panels are sold with warranty period of only 10 years.


  • Maintenance –

The timber panels of doors and windows need to be polished at a regular interval of 7- 10 years, to maintain its original condition. Though PVC-u panels need not be polished at all; these doors and windows cannot be repaired properly, if damaged due to any reason and need to be totally replaced. But the timber panels can be easily repaired to restore the original condition, whenever damaged. Moreover, when the PVC-u panels lose their original shine and become dull in appearance, they cannot be polished again and need to be replaced.


Timber Doors and Windows

Timber Doors and Windows

  • Energy efficiency –

Though both timber and PVC-u are known to be energy efficient materials; timber is a natural insulator that can retain the temperature of the rooms better and due to its sufficient thickness, it fits into the heavier triple glazed units of the doors and windows, thus totally stopping the harsh weather of the outdoor from entering the rooms. Hence, the air conditioners or the room heaters need to be used much lesser, resulting in reduced amount of electric bills.


  • Eco friendly nature –

Timber is a natural product that is just cut into desired shapes and sizes in the factories and this process does not harm the environment in any way. But the manufacturing procedure of PVC-u emits a lot of harmful chemical substances into the surrounding atmosphere, resulting in ill health of the people breathing in it. Hence, the installation of timber doors is considered to be an eco-green choice.


  • Better safety –

As the timber doors and windows cannot be bended or easily broken due to their high rigidity and firm thickness; the residents of the house can feel a lot safer from any unwanted trespassers or burglars.

We hope that the above-mentioned comparison points make you good sense and when it comes to timber windows and doors then nothing looks and feels as better as wood.