How to Avoid Dilemma About Choosing Ideal Hot Water System

Hot Water System

Hot Water System

Shower is the best place to relax and enjoy the spa treatment of hot water spouting pleasantly out of your warm water tap or shower head. Many people choose to sing in style and jive about and bust their stress under the sprinkle of warm water. It is a little pleasure that brings a lot of joy and relaxing moments. But all your fun gets ridiculously interrupted the moment you feel the touch of freezing cold water plunging on to you like some unwanted rain.

With reliable hot water system in place, you don’t have to worry about getting hot water. A perfect hoy water system affords you the luxury of enjoying the company of warm water whenever you need it most. But homeowners often come across the dilemma as to which water heaters systems will be most beneficial to them in the long run.

Basically two types of heating units are used to warm the water of your house: storage based gas water heater and tankless (storage-free) water heater unit. Despite little global awareness about the pros offered by tankless water heating system, it has been fairly used by people living in countries like Japan, Europe and some parts of Australia and US. If you are among those who are still baffled by the dilemma of critical hot water choice, here is what you need to eye:

❏ Gas based hot water system

Compared to electric water heaters, it has been technically proven that gas water heating system tends to emit nearly 33% less greenhouse gas. This kind of system is thought to be friendly towards environment. You will find solar or electric water heater more expensive than gas water heater. Gas based water heating system is thus economical and will not attack your pocket.

In the market of water heaters, you will see two types of hot water systems: Tankless (aka instantaneous or storage-free) units & Gas storage hot water units.

Hot Water System

Hot Water System

❏ Storage-free gas units

✅ As the name suggests, storage-free water heating units deliver hot water whenever you need it. Its on-demand system relives you from the worry of getting continuous warm water the moment you turn the tap on.

✅ Because there is no need for storing water for heating purpose, they are better known as tankless units. The unit will heat the water as it passes through its mechanism. This means you will not require storage tank and you will not come across the disaster of not getting water in the moment of real need.

✅ Instantaneous systems resemble a small suitcase, which is significantly smaller than water heater with a storage tank. Gas system anyway leaves you a lot of space, which is not feasible in case of storage water heater unit.

✅ The benefits of tankless hot water heater does not really end here. This gas heater can last nearly 20 years which is not possible in traditional water heating system that only has a lifespan of 10 years, maximum 12. This equally indicate that you can go for at least 2-3 traditional units in the entire lifetime of tankless heating system.

✅ As you heat water just when you need it, you are going to save a lot of energy with tankless hot water phenomenon. Traditional system has container that wastes power even when you don’t require warm water. This is amazing boon to homeowners because you conserve good amount of electricity by using power only at the time of your requirement.

✅ Do you know traditional heaters often give rise to corrosion and scales that build up inside the tank, ultimately spewing bad, contaminated water at the outlet? In tankless gas water heater, there is no chance you will get rusty water, and instead you will receive fresh and clean water all the time.