How to Detect a Gas Leak in Your Home

Detect a Gas Leak

Detect a Gas Leak

When you come back from work or wake up in the morning and smell something that intimately match the smell of rotten eggs, then, be cautious, in all likelihood, you have a hazardous gas leak close by. At this moment, you are perhaps thinking how to find that gas leak, and whether you should make the gas leak repairs yourself or call the experts.

# Gas lines in your home

We hardly ever think about or notice gas lines that are running in our home until the time when something goes wrong. These days, we are dependent on many appliances such as heaters, stovetops, hot water tanks, dryers – these are some of the items that use gas, thus, when you have to switch off one of these items, you’re greatly disturbed and annoyed. It’s definitely not a cool experience, and not something you desire to experience, but things do tire out and leaks occur. Gas leaks should not be taken lightly and gas leak detection and repairs should not be delayed even by a day.

Usually, this rotten egg scented invisible gas is benign and risk-free as long as it is inside the pipes. Once it begins to get leaked and releases into the air, particularly, in a badly ventilated space such as a basement or a kitchen, it completely fills the air, thereby making the whole area highly toxic, flammable and also explosive.

# Detecting gas leaks in your home

If it’s secure and the room is not excessively saturated, chase the smell till you can find where it is harsh; this will provide you with a space to test. Then after, you can form a mixture that is made of half water and half liquid soap in a container broad enough for a paint brush. Once this mixture is ready, you can use the paint brush to paint a decent coat of the soap mix on top of the valves, pipes, joints and elbows.

Now, closely look at the pipes – the gas moving through the leak will make bubbles; chase the pipe till you detect a valve and switch off the gas so it halts leaking into the air. Next, open the windows and doors, blow out all flames and it will start releasing all the scented gas out to the open atmosphere.

Indeed, you can try to repair the issue yourself, but this is not at all recommended. If anything goes wrong while you try to fix the problem, it may result in costly mistakes and also might compel you to make more repairs than what was actually needed in the first place. Furthermore, there is a big danger of injury or death due to the toxicity and flammability of the gas. Therefore, it is recommended to call in a professional for detecting and repairing gas leaks in Sydney and get the problem fixed in the right manner.

“Prevention is better than cure” is the right statement that needs to be followed when it comes to protecting your home or property from gas leaks. Though gas leaks can be frightening, you can shield nearly all leaks by following everyday safety precautions. To reduce the danger of a gas leak in your home or property, you can take the following precautionary steps:

  • Always get all your gas appliances installed by certified technicians.
  • The area around the gas appliances should be kept properly ventilated.
  • You should learn how to operate your gas systems in a safe manner.

In the case of an emergency, call in a licensed gas fitter plumber to detect the gas leaks and repair it at the earliest.