How To Get The Most Out Of Your Garden



Whether you see it as a chore or pleasure, gardening must be kept on top of to be able to really enjoy your outdoor space. Gardens tend to be forgotten about over Winter when all is dead and bare. But in the Spring and Summer, you must put in a bit of effort to get the most out of it. Here are a few things to focus on, in order to have a beautiful piece of nature!

# Take Care Of Your Lawn

A dead and mossy lawn is never going to make your garden look its best. Keep on top of its maintenance, as it is easier to prevent damage than fixing it when it gets too bad. Rake out and moss and weeds regularly, and fill in with new grass seed if needed. During the hotter months, water your lawn as often as needed, and use a feeder to keep it healthy. Don’t cut the grass too short, better to cut it little and often than shearing it too close.

# De-weed and Dead Head

Weeds pop up all over, and any time of the year. Don’t let them take over, and pull them out from the root whenever you see them. Path clear can be used on drives and patios, but be careful around pets and children. Organic weed killer can be bought, or simply pulling them out by hand. Deadheading plants will keep them flowering for longer, as they will put the wasted energy into new blooms. Check when to prune each plant back, as some should only be trimmed before flowering and some after.

# Plant Bulbs

Bulbs are an easy way of ensuring you have beautiful flowers in the Spring. They’re planted in the winter and left over the cold time, then when the ground starts to warm up, you’ll have lovely blooms all over. Tulips and daffodils are perfect examples, but there are more unusual types as well such as snowdrops and crocuses.

# Use Seasonal Plants

Try to use plants that will flower in different seasons. Make sure you have a good mixture of spring blooms and later summer plants, as this will ensure your garden looks good all year long. If you’re not sure, check the labels or ask an assistant at your local garden centre.

# Keep Trees Trimmed and Hedges Neat

Tree felling and trimming can be a big job, and it is best to call in a company to help like Valley Tree Services. It’s vital you don’t let trees get too big as they can cause structural damage to your home and pose a threat of falling on their own. Hedges can be trimmed yourself, and keeping them neat will create a natural structure in your garden.

# Re-stain Woodwork

Decking and garden furniture can all be sanded back and re-stained. It’s a messy job, but the results are impressive and really freshen up an outdoor space. Add cushions to your chairs and benches for extra comfort when you have guests round.