How to go worriless on clogged drains and restore cleanliness?

Every once in a while, comes the moment when you need to pay thorough attention to the water flow and its dynamics taking place inside the residential gutters. Not doing it will put you in the pitfall of experiencing perilous situations like clogged drain and overflooding of filth and dirt inside your house, which can be a despicable predicament for you. The situation rises more at the time of rain and can cost you your comfort and bring unimaginable chaos and will eventually drive you nuts. Before this happens, it is a better option to contact a professional rain gutter cleaners who can deliver emergency drainage solutions and relieve you from stink, bacteria and diseases that are ready to ambush you.

Drainage Solutions

Drainage Solutions

Drainage Solutions

Even if this kind of situation has never arrived yet, you can’t be sure it will never pay visitation at your place. That is why you need to get familiar with some of the aspects of the clogged gutter, its mechanism and terrible consequences. The discussion below will help you go worriless and be pre-emptive towards the drains issues lurking just around some corner of your house. Check out what all you need to know about the majestic mission of eliminating the gutter clogging and actions you are required to perform for effective drainage solutions.

The first thing first: Recognizing the issue

It is vital to learn how the gutter gets clogged especially when it is raining. Here are some of the revealing signs to notice:

    • Water spilling at the edges and external surfaces of a drain pipe


    • The spraying action of water that takes the form of fountain spouting off gutter hopes, patches and joints


  • Water finds it difficult to flow out from the bottom portions

When it is not raining, you may notice:

    • Erosion taking place below gutter pipes


    • Paint flaking and peeling on sides and fascia


    • Dirty and wet siding below the gutter


  • Overmuch weight shifting the gutters away from the fascia

The places where it is clogged

    • The downspout cage is designed to catch the debris flowing with water and is located at the spot where it meets the gutter. It is found bent usually.


    • Gutter hangers that often attract and trap organic materials like leaves and twigs.


  • Gutter elbows and seams are also places of clog formation. If you tap the outer surface of downspout with a screwdriver and you will hear the dull thud sound, which is nothing but the clog

Pulling out the mess and dirt

This is how the cleaning is actually done:

Drainage Solutions

Drainage Solutions

  • Scoop out the debris

This is an important step for drainage solutions. Start with a narrow garden trowel at the drain outlet and work your way from there to scoop up the debris that can be located easily. This is loose debris. It is easy to deal with especially when the waste is just slightly damp and supple and not totally dried. Keep a plastic bucket handy while collecting the loose debris.


  • Force the dirt out with a pressured hose water

You can use a special water hose with a high-pressure nozzle mounted at the top to wash away everything unwanted from the gutter. Follow this chore until you reach the drain outlet. Since this routine can grow a little nasty, it is better to prevent mud from splattering over your house. The use of Scrub brush can help you purge drying crust of dirt.


  • Empty drainpipes of obstacles hidden inside

Hose is one of the most common drainage solutions. So if drainpipes still remain unclean and messy even after the controlled effect of water, apply hose water to flush the debris down the pipes. Upon failure, you can use a plumber’s auger to scoop out the debris from the bottom. You can also push your way up, alternatively.


If you find gutter and drainage problems festering and persisting even after trying some quick solutions, don’t wait to get rid of it professionally. It will only add problems to your daily life. Anytime is the right time to reach out to reputed and licensed local plumbers who can offer reliable drainage solutions.