How To Make Moving House Easy

Anyone who’s moved house recently knows how exhausting the process is. The countdown to the big day is plagued by stress and confusion. There aren’t enough hours in the day! We’ve been through the process more than our fair share of times. As such, we’ve got a pretty good system for moving day.

In this post, we’ll show you some our top secrets. We’ll look at everything from organising and planning to finally settling into your new home. If you’ve got a big move coming up, take a deep breath. Read through this article and we’ll help prepare you for anything.

moving house


# Plan ahead

There’s no reason you can’t start the planning and packing process early. In some case, you can begin planning months in advance. Book the movers and organise your schedule from the earliest point available. Next, you can slowly begin the packing process. You can do this a couple of weeks in advance of the move. Get your hands on boxes (they’re always tricky to find!) Now, begin packing all the non-essential items to give yourself a headstart.

# Liaise with your movers

The better your communication with your movers, the smoother your ride. Ideally, look for a company that are also commercial movers. Why? Because they tend to have better resources and they’re more efficient. After all, if you can move a corporate office with ease, a home move is simple in comparison! Begin to communicate with them early in the process. Send them pictures of your home (old and new) so they can make a plan for parking.

moving house


# Colour co-ordination and mapping

Unfortunately, the stress doesn’t end when you arrive at your new home. The unpacking process is often as exhausting as the packing. Luckily, there are a few little tricks you can use. First of all, use a colour coding system to make sure you know exactly what’s in each box. Now, use the colours to match a corresponding room in the new house. Mark the colours on a printed floor plan of the new house too. Now, your movers know exactly which room to take your boxes when they arrive. It’s also worth colour coding any fragile items. It lets your movers know about any boxes that need special care.

# Keep essentials close by

Moving day is always a long and drawn out process. You’ll quickly realise that you want access to essential items. These are the things you’ll need on the journey and when you first arrive at the house. For example, pack some toilet roll, snacks, and any medicine in a carry bag.

# The final check

Before you close the door for good on your old place, do a final check through the house. Have you left anything behind? Make sure all the electrics and water are switched off. Do a final clean now that all your furniture is out of the way. Don’t forget to cancel all your utility bills too.

At the end of the day, you can finally settle into your new home with your family. Time to order a takeout and enjoy your new house! Congratulations, you just made moving day easy.