Increase The Safety of Your Home By Installing Smoke Alarm

Smoke alarm is an important safety device which is capable of giving warnings in the event of fire and allows residents to take evacuate. Smoke detectors are really easy to install, non-conspicuous, low-cost and require very little maintenance. The loss of lives due to fire or the loss of property in the recent times has reduced drastically owing to the use of the smoke alarm detectors.

Smoke alarm can be installed in both residential and commercial sectors such as hotels, restaurants, multinational companies etc. At present the smoke alarms that are available in the market include photoelectric, ionization and a combination of both photoelectric and ionization.

Installing Smoke Alarm

Installing Smoke Alarm

Smoke alarms are paramount to the safety of any home and having them installed in the right places and working properly can be the single greatest fire prevention tactic. Following are some of the tips on smoke alarm installation:

  • Get the smoke alarm installed in the bedroom where heaters, air conditioners, or other electrical equipment are used.
  • Refrain from installing smoke alarm in or near the kitchen and bathroom. Ensure that it is at least 3 meters away as otherwise false alarms will occur.
  • Call a licensed electrician to get the hard-wired smoke alarm installed.
  • Install alarms in the living room or near the stair case on levels without bedroom.
  • Never install the smoke alarm near the window or door which can interfere with its operation.
  • Use hard wired technology or wireless technology to get all the smoke alarms interconnected.
  • When on basement, the smoke alarm installation should be done on the ceiling at the bottom of the stairs.
  • Once the baseplate has been installed onto the ceiling, test the battery to make sure that it is working. This can be done by pressing the test button. A person with impaired hearing should consider purchasing the right model. The hearing-impaired smoke detector contains a special unit that features a powerful light to warn and alert the hearing impaired in the event of fire.

Thus, with these simple steps smoke alarm installation can be done.

The best places to install smoke alarms are near appliances that are prone to fire hazards and must be installed as close as possible to the areas where the family sleeps. One should have at least one alarm on each floor and preferably one in each bedroom or guest room just to be safe.

Smoke Alarm Installation

Smoke Alarm Installation

Most fire related deaths are caused through smoke inhalation and not actually through burns. Smoke alarms can warn the members in the family and help to get out of the house before the smoke has taken over the room. These extra few minutes can truly make the difference in terms of getting outside and to a safe place before the toxic gases from the fire start to damage the health.

Large varieties of fire alarms are available all over the market. However, one needs to do some research and check out the best before putting the money into it. The fire alarm should can detect any type of smoke. It should be capable of sending danger signals to the members of the family before the fire turns out to be an outrage.

Even after going through the manual if the smoke alarm installation process looks difficult and cannot be carried out; then one should not hesitate to contact the professional electricians who can help in getting the smoke alarm detector installed effectively.

Thus, to increase the safety of the home smoke alarm detector must be installed.