Lay Flat Hose – The Best Friend Of A Gardener

Garden hose is considered to be the most useful item in a garden. It is considered to be a friend indeed as gardeners cannot move ahead without proper working flat hose. Everybody understands the pain of watering long rows of plants without the help of a hose. It is very much heart rendering to learn that even after its high value in an association, it is neglected in terms of importance.

Lay Flat Hose

Lay Flat Hose

An Introduction to Lay Flat Hose

A lay flat hose in good condition is paid much attention as it assists us a lot in fulfilling all our needs. Like any other garden tool, the garden hose needs to be stored in a proper and good condition for reuse. It must be stored in a proper manner on a hose reel. Sharp and metallic objects can easily lead towards spoiling the hose due to which the hose must not meet such objects.

How to Store a Flat Hose Pipe?

In addition, it must not be left exposed to sun for long, as doing so may expand and finally damage the item in heat. Once you have successfully concluded with the task of watering, do not forget to reel the same and store it in its proper place. In present days, there are dozens of storage options for these pipes that can be easily fetched from the hardware store that include:

  • Large pot holder
  • Cabinets for hose storage space
  • Storage station
  • Reels and many more

You can either purchase those items from the local hardware or also from the garden supply mart. You may also design one suitable storage option by yourself in order to meet your needs along with the one that will occupy a compact space, as all gardens cannot accommodate a huge storage shelf.


Going with Small and Compact Pipe Storage

Therefore, in such cases, it will be better to go with something small and compact that can fit the garden decor. There are various designs in association with hose pipes. You may choose the best for you. You must consider only that item which you feel is easy to operate, wind as well as rewind.

There are many other specifications to be considered that will solely depend upon your individual preferences and needs. If you do not prefer the prospect of winding and rewinding your garden hose, then you need to go with coiled spring lay flat hose. In case you are unable to get the item of your own choice in the retail stores, then you may browse the online stores.


Types of Sprinklers for Garden

You need to water your garden in order to maintain its greenery. Along with the hose pipe, you may take the help of a sprinkler system that will maintain its integrity. Overhead sprinklers will water your lawn like a gentle rain and will keep it lush green.

Below are various types of sprinklers you need to attach to your hose pipe:

  • Donut – A simple sprinkler hardly comprises of any moving parts. It comprises of a shape of a donut and has holes all around the perimeter and center hole. It is known to emit a symmetrical watering pattern whose shape is similar to circular spray of water.
  • Oscillating – An oscillating sprinkler comprises of a single bar punched with a wide number of holes. It can easily oscillate to and from thus creating a fan type arc of water. You can adjust the oscillating mechanism from a full side movement to any desired level.
  • Decorative copper sprinkler – Such type of a sprinkler is raised a few feet about the ground level with a vertical copper pipe. Attached to the top of the pipe is a novelty shaped sprinkler head.

Lawn sprinklers have proved to be an affordable way to water your lawn and maintain its graceful look the whole summer.