Maintaining Your Garden

Tree Loppers

Tree Loppers

The garden can be a truly inspiring place. Some of the world’s greatest ideas were hatched in a garden, perhaps it is the natural ambience that brings out the creativity in people, but whatever the reason, having a nice garden is pleasing to the eye, and goes a long way towards well-being. Many people design a wonderful garden, and after the honeymoon period is over, and some growth has occurred, it becomes obvious just how much work is involved in keeping it looking good. Still, even if it takes one’s Sunday morning away from the golf course, it is worth it when one relaxes in a well-kept garden.

# Set a schedule

Look at the garden as an annual cycle, and plan for work that needs to be done at certain times of the year. Spring is an ideal time to complete the tree work, and if a person in Western Australia is looking for tree loppers in Perth, an online search will reveal an established tree surgeon in the vicinity. If one is a business person, and gardening can’t be squeezed into the weekly plan, call in a professional landscape gardener, and they will visit on a regular basis, taking care of the essentials like grass cutting, pruning, weeding, and generally tidying up the yard.

# Relaxing at home

Some people find gardening therapeutic, and apart from the odd occasion, Sundays are devoted to the garden, yet the rest of the week, one hardly sees it, let alone enjoy its ambience, so ask the landscaper to drop by twice a week, just for a sweep up, leaving the gardening for those quiet Sundays. There are tree loppers in Perth that will undertake maintenance contracts, allowing you to do as much, or as little as you wish.

# Evergreens

From a maintenance point of view, evergreens are ideal, with no leaves to clear away, and they retain their colour all year round. Apart from some trimming occasionally, evergreen plants and shrubs are maintenance free, so consider small conifers, and other more exotic types that will give the garden some depth and substance, without requiring a lot of upkeep.

# Lawns

Yes, they are lovely, and yes, it takes a lot of work to maintain that bowling green look, so before one imagines that Wimbledon-looking grass carpet, think about the upkeep. Patios are an excellent way of downsizing a lawn, and with the right awning, one has an ideal dining area.

# Concrete

As far as maintenance is concerned, one cannot find a better material for the garden, of course, no one wants a concrete jungle, but with careful planning, concrete can play a major role in the garden, with aggregate or stencilled finishes that complement any landscape. Pathways can be tastefully created, with a range of textures and finishes, adding character as well as providing access.

# The right equipment

For the serious gardener, a range of tools and machines are available to make things easier. One should invest in the right equipment, as this makes the work much easier, and gives more time for enjoying the garden ambience.