Make a Right Choice of the Stainless Steel Sinks and Bowls

Stainless Steel Sinks and bowls seem to work right for any kitchen. With the timeless looks, these can complement the other stainless steel appliances in your kitchen. Before you make your choice, you need to make sure that the construction is of a good quality because this ensures durability and longevity of this metal. Besides making sure of the construction, you also need to make sure of the finish. Knowing how to maintain the stainless steel sinks and bowls, can keep it looking good for decades.

commercial stainless steel sinks

commercial stainless steel sinks

Given below are few tips to help you choose a commercial stainless steel sink or bowl.

  • The Thickness of the Material to be gauged

You will find that stainless steel sinks have a thickness which ranges from 16 gauge which means thicker, to 22 gauge which means thinner. The advantage of opting a thicker material is that it is less prone to dents, works out less ‘noisy’ as compared to a sink which is thinner and of course more robust in handling the vibrations. If you looking for a good quality stainless steel sink then you can safely opt for 16 to 18 gauges.

  • Coatings and Insulation to be considered

Sound attenuation can be deadened with the fittings being sound insulated and coated. This can also help to reduce the condensation in the sink’s base cabinet. You might not find all stainless steel sinks available with this feature. So, take that additional effort to find the right one.

  • Different finishes available

The surface smoothness of the material, stainless steel is referred to as the finish. A surface with a high polish and extremely smooth is termed as a ‘mirror finish’, whereas a finish which is dull and ‘frosted’ is termed as a ‘brushed finish’. You can make your choice according to the looks that you prefer. You find that most of the finishes exhibit a direction which is uniformly grained.

stainless steel sinks bowls

stainless steel sinks bowls

Maintenance and Care of the Commercial Stainless Steel Sinks and Bowls

You need to be aware that with the proper care and maintenance of these stainless steel sinks you are able to maintain the luster and the shine, making it look as good as new. You can follow the recommendations of the manufacturer for the cleanliness and the maintenance of the sink so that you don’t make any mistakes and ruin the sink. Most of the manufacturers have consistent procedures to look after the stainless steel sink.

You need to be careful when you opt for cleaners’ which are more aggressive because this might scratch or mar the surface. You can do the scrubbing in the direction of the grain so as to avoid smudges which are unsightly or eve scratches. You should be aware that stainless steel need not be cleaned using any chloride compounds as these can be harmful, but in case you have used them you can rinse them off thoroughly without any harm done. It is also advisable not to use steel scrubs for washing your sink.

Make a Good Choice with the factors mentioned below

  1. You need to make sure of what you prefer, like the single/double bowl, 90-degrees corner or rounded and other specifications.
  2. Make sure of the quality like the 304 grade which works out well for sinks.
  3. Keep your budget in mind and then make your choice of the gauge between 16 gauges, and 18 gauges.
  4. Opt for a sink with an undercoating for insulation to the temperature of water and noise.
  5. Overlooking the warranty offered might work out as a bad mistake.

Keeping the factors mentioned above it will be easy to make your choice of the commercial stainless steel sinks and bowls. For more information on steel sinks and bowls, you can visit this link to get more details.


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