Quick Tips To Make Any Room A Great Guest Room

Guest Room
Many of us do not have the space in our homes to allocate an entire room just for guests or as a “spare”. During the week, it is likely that we will need to make use of it as a study, computer room, lounge or more. But even if you are short on space, there are ways of making any room appear to be a purpose-built guest room. With just a few easy changes, you can make a room stylish, inviting and the perfect welcome for visiting guests.

Get Inspired

# Get Inspired

Styling a room for your guests can be what makes the room feel special. Guests are unlikely to be hung up on whether the room has another purpose during the week. What they will notice is how comfortable and stylish it is. Browsing Pinterest boards and interior magazines can be a great start. We can see how small changes to ornaments or lighting can make a big impact. We should choose decor that we think is flexible and likely to suit both us and all our future guests. Contemporary couture design, for example, emphasizes a sleek and sophisticated effect. Color schemes are usually neutral with just a few brighter accents. Other popular designs might be beachy or spa-like. Wood and natural fabrics can be used to create a peaceful, graceful appearance. Whatever you choose, having taken a little extra time over the decor will instantly make your guests feel appreciated.

A Lock

# A Lock

Adding a lock to the door can be a great way to make help your guests to feel private and secure. It is perfectly acceptable for a room with a normal daily use to double up as a guest room. But it can be very easy for you or the family to slip into the force of habit and walk in! This is perhaps especially common if the room is usually a lounge or study. Many family members might lose track of the date or time and decide to work. Walking in on startled guests is never fun for anyone! Adding a simple lock to the door can help give everyone peace of mind.


# Don’t Skimp On The Mattress

There are some very affordable portable bed frames out there. But it is essential that they can be fitted with a good quality mattress. A great night’s sleep can make the difference between a refreshing break for your guests and a tiring, stressful trek. After having traveled, many guests will be excited to arrive but desperately want to sleep. There are few things worse than settling down only to find that a mattress is lumpy, thin, or uncomfortable. You may not be able to stretch to a permanent bed or even a large bed. It might not be within the budget and space might simply not permit. But a great mattress will make any bed feel sumptuous and restful.

# Details

Lighting and scent can instantly alter the mood of a room. Adding a lamp that can be dimmed can be a great way to make a room more cosy rather than simply functional. A pleasant, fresh scent can help your guests to relax. It has even been shown to make smaller rooms feel less claustrophobic! Add a scented candle to the mix to help your guests to sleep and they will awake refreshed and ready for the adventures ahead.