Redecorate and Light Up Your Life

Redecorate and Light Up

When it comes to the season of redecoration, there are often a lot of choices to be made. What colour do you want the walls, do you want carpet or wooden flooring? The most important thing to keep in mind is whether the room is going to achieve its aim. If you’re redecorating your living room, then do you want it to be a vibrant, energy filled space where you can spend quality time with friends and family or do you want a calm and relaxed area perfect for recharging those batteries after a hard day’s work?

Often, the perfect room falls somewhere in between. One of the things that really changes the mood of a room is the light, so to get that mix right. You will need to control how much and what kind of light the room gets. A great option for controlling the light is blinds. Simple but effective blinds can change the feel of a room from vibrant and playful, to quiet and contemplative in an instant.

Through the Keyhole


First things first though, you need to get the feeling that you want to achieve throughout your home to come across when you walk through that door. Wallpaper or paint is the question when it comes to the walls and this is something that fades in and out of fashion throughout the years. At the moment, wallpaper has taken a backseat to paint, with a range of different styles and colour choices available to get that perfect feel. A great color choice if you’re looking to create a room that can both be peaceful and vibrant is yellow. With a variety of different shades, this colour can impart both a sense of creativity and excitement as well as calmness. To adapt it to different roles, just change the light source.

Unlike curtains, blinds allow you to alter the amount of natural light that enters the room quite a lot. This can make all the difference if you’re trying to make the room feel more vibrant, for instance, as you can control the amount of the natural light, complimenting it with well-placed lamps.

Along with the colour, a very important choice to make is the floor. Carpets give a luxuriant feel to a room: that feel in the morning to scrunching your toes into a thick carpet is a feeling carpet lovers often cannot live without. There is a fashion for wooden flooring such as distressed hardwood flooring at the moment, though and its versatility allows you to transform your room even more. It doesn’t matter what the light is like in a room, a carpet drinks it all up. A wooden floor, on the other hand, can be varnished to a good, tasteful shine, reflecting the light and producing a more homely feel to the room.

This can then be complimented with rugs of various shapes and sizes as well as thickness. Its all well and good having a thick carpet, but a rug can be washed easily should anything get spilt. Wooden floors also add a touch of class to a room: while a carpet is luxurious, a quality wooden floor is elegant. If you’re going for a wood or even a laminate floor, then you can get blinds to match. After this, your furniture almost chooses itself, luxuriant woods complimenting an elegant room to a tee.

Every room needs a centerpiece: something that draws the eye from the outset. There has been a tendency to make a television this centre point, but it lacks class in all honesty. Instead, a fireplace with a classic wood mantelpiece can add extra elegance to a room and the wood finish will match with your flooring.