Replace old play area flooring with rubber – save your kids without many health risks

Playground surfaces made of interlocking rubber are excellent for kids because they’re soft and smooth, thus preventing falls and serious injuries. Available in a range of styles and designs, rubber tiles are usually manufactured from commercial grade, resilient and shock absorbing rubber materials. These are safe and durable in the long term. What’s even greater about rubber flooring is that the surfaces are ADA compliant. They’re commonly used in schools, bedrooms, and kids’ playgrounds.

Rubber tiles are sturdy; they offer high-performance and extended durability and they’re easy to install too. Playtop surfaces in particular, are the most appreciated by parents because they come in different colors and patterns; furthermore, non-slip surfaces are easy to preserve and clean, and are often made of recycled scrap tires.

flooring with rubber

Benefits of rubber flooring

Originally meant for outdoor playground areas, rubber floors with interlocking safety tiles are currently being used inside the home too. They’re extremely efficient at preventing injuries and falls, and they’re particularly appealing to the eye. Make a smart investment and keep your child safe. Have rubber tiles installed in their room, on the patio or close to the pool area. As opposite to hardwood flooring, this material provides steady shock absorbency. It meets basic safety standards in areas that are up to 6 feet tall. No more worries, no more injuries and reduced liability – these are the main benefits of rubber floors.

Clean and risk-free play areas for kids

Damaging objects can be easily mixed in flooring surfaces with a loose fill such as gravel, sand or wood chips. Interlocking playground areas made of recycled rubber are manufactured from solid, water-proof materials. They’re excellent outside the home such as the veranda because they dry really fast in case it rains. As far as the installation process is concerned, you’ll be happy to know that these rubber tiles have interlocking features. Basically, they’re like pieces of a puzzle that are easy to assemble.
flooring with rubber

Play mats for kids
Available in a range of colors, patterns and shapes, play mats are ideal surfaces for play dates. However, given that it’s easy for preschoolers and toddlers to get hurt, parents must invest in surface flooring that is soft and smooth. Rubber is an excellent type of material. It is eco-friendly, long-lasting and affordable. Foam rubber tiles are the best because they’re the softest. Free of any sort of allergens and toxic chemicals, these will transform daily play dates into a memorable experience. Parents can choose rubber tiles in different colors and patterns; but they also opt for more educational variants with letters, numbers and animal prints. The visual appeal will definitely draw the attention of your kids.


What’s great about rubber is that it’s incredibly durable. Basically, damaging the surface is nearly impossible for a child. At the same time, rubber resists stains and spills, and it is easy to clean through washing or vacuuming. Avoid acidic based soaps and harsh chemical cleaners though. These might penetrate the material, thus leading to allergies.

flooring with rubber

Hardwood floor vs. rubber floor

Hardwood flooring is excellent in homes with no kids. It looks nice and it gives a home a chic, modern vibe. However, when you have children, it’s nearly impossible to stop them from falling down and spilling things on the floor. In this case you might want to rethink your options. Go for rubber flooring for their rooms and play area. This is an opportunity to colorize their private spaces and make it livelier and more fun; but of course, you’re also doing it for their safety. Falls may trigger serious injuries, especially in smaller toddlers, and you certainly don’t want to hear your 2-year old cry every day.

Keep your kids healthy, happy and safe by investing in good quality flooring materials. Rubber might look like the best type because it’s soft and chemical-free, but then again you can also check cork and bamboo materials too. These are eco-friendly too; and will beautifully complement their room’s interior design. Put safety first but make sure they’re comfortable too. This way they’ll spend a whole day playing around and having the best time with their toys and Legos.