Security Screen Doors Offer Optimum Protection for Your Home

It is important to keep in mind a few essential factors if you are thinking of installing security screen doors in your home or commercial space.

Security Screen Doors Mernda
Choosing the Right type of Frame Material

  • It is imperative to take time choosing the right type of frame material based on your needs and budget. Mostly, security screen doors are made of materials such as metal alloy, aluminum or steel.
  • Steel frames are sturdier and longer lasting as compared to metal alloy and aluminum frames.
  • If using aluminum or metal alloy frames, it is recommended to make the frames thicker in order to increase the strength.
  • Where 40% visibility and air flow is allowed for by a 2 to 3 inch steel frame, the aluminum or metal alloy frames must be at least 6 inches wide to offer the same strength.
  • Between metal alloy and aluminum doors, aluminum security screen doors are a better option as they will not rust. Aluminum frames are however more expensive.
  • Steel screen doors that are powder-coated after proper treatment do not rust for at least 10 years after which recoating can be done.

The Right Mount offer Optimum Security

Another question that needs to be asked here is whether you should use the tube-frame mount or the flush-mount during installation of the door.

  • A better seal is offered by the flush-mounted security door as there is minimal or no gap around the opening.
  • Both installations provide good security but the flush-mounted doors offer higher aesthetic appeal.
  • Tube-frame mounted doors are mounted on the trim which is why they tend to stick out from the door opening.

Do Security Screen Doors keep out scorpions and other insects?

Security screen doors help keep away a variety of insects such as mosquitoes, scorpions, flies and bugs. To ensure optimum safety from creeping and flying pests, the screen doors are sealed thoroughly using a peel-and-stick foam tape.

Over a period of time, the foam tape tends to crack due to hardening which is why it must be replaced at least once a year.

Companies offering high quality screen doors use bug tight felt strips for sealing. These strips are no-maintenance strips that last for a long time.

Painting vs. powder-coating

Another factor to consider is whether you must paint or powder-coat the security screen doors.

  • If the screen door is exposed to outside weather, it is recommended to powder-coat the door as paint is not heat resistant and therefore may not withstand the harsh rays of the sun.
  • As compared to paint, powder-coating does not keep filler parts and binder in the form of a liquid suspension with the help of a solvent.
  • Powder-coating is done using a dry powder that flows freely. The coating is cured under heat after electrostatic application. It flows on the surface to form a skin.
  • As compared to conventional paint, the hard finish in powder-coating is much tougher and more durable.

Other features you must look for in the best security screen doors

  • Wind chains must be installed in these doors to ensure that the door does not open out too far in case of heavy winds.
  • Use sturdy and safe pneumatic closers for enhanced security.
  • To eliminate the chance of water penetration, it is recommended to use mitered corners. Here, solid steel is used on the top and bottom of the corners as hollow corners can lead to water penetration which in turn leads to rusting.
  • Ask for sill extensions at the bottom of the door to ensure there is no bug penetration.
  • Using two keys to enter can be avoided by re-keying security screen doors to match the entry door.

A security screen door is indispensable in present days and must be designed and installed in a proper manner to ensure optimum security and longevity. 

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